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Scholarships for Development, maintains an up-to-date list of worldwide scholarships available to foreign students from all nations,

My Jobs Centre, short for Scholarships for Development, is a current list of scholarships for foreign students, particularly those from developed and developing nations, those interested in pursuing development-related disciplines, and those seeking global and national development via higher education.

Apply for a scholarship, Tips from the Experts and Get extra degree funding

Understanding how to apply for a scholarship might increase your chances of success greatly. Not all scholarships, grants, and bursaries require an active application. When you apply to the institutions concerned, you will be immediately considered for those you are qualified for, but this is not always the case, and you will frequently need to apply, so make sure you check once you know where you will be studying.

There are also numerous grants, bursaries, and scholarships available via other organisations that you may apply for; however, you will not be automatically entered because they will not know about you if you do not apply!

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