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The Best Pension Jobs

The greatest occupations with pensions fit specific criteria: they provide above-average salary, a positive occupational outlook, and a high level of work satisfaction. These are some of the finest pension jobs:


Teachers at elementary, middle, and high schools are often members of teachers' unions, which provide pensions as part of their benefit packages. According to the BLS, high school teachers make a median yearly pay of $61,820. Between 2020 and 2030, employment in this industry is predicted to grow by 8%. 14

Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered nurses, like teachers, are members of unions in certain states, which offer pensions as well as 403(b) plans—the non-profit counterpart of 401(k)s. RNs make a median yearly salary of $77,600 and may anticipate a 9 percent increase in employment over the next decade. 15

Officer of the law

Police officers are often unionized and receive pensions. According to the BLS, police officers and detectives make a median yearly pay of $66,020 and will witness a 7% rise in employment opportunities between 2020 and 2030. 16


Apprenticeships or trade schools are used to train electricians. Electrical work, like the majority of the other vocations on this list, is often a union job. The average yearly income for an electrician is $60,040. The BLS predicts a 9% increase in this profession over the next ten years. 17

Employee of the Government

Federal, state, and municipal government occupations often provide a pension.

7 This category includes a broad variety of job titles, from administrative workers to engineers to federal law enforcement.

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