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Noodles and Company

Company rating on Glassdoor: 3.4

There are 1,800 open vacancies.

Hiring sites include Kansas City, Kansas; Downey, California; Elkhart, Indiana; Saint Charles, Indiana; Columbia, Maryland; and Silver Spring, Maryland.

Shift Manager, Cashier, Cook, Assistant General Manager, and Team Member positions are available.

ATB Financial Services

Company rating on Glassdoor: 4.3

There are 51 open vacancies.

Hiring sites include Paul, Idaho, Calgary, Alberta, and Edmonton, Alberta.

Fraud Operations Manager, Relationship Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Portfolio Modeling Specialist, Senior Loan Service Clerk, and Junior Product Manager are all open positions.


Company rating on Glassdoor: 4.2

2,000 vacancies are available.

Locations for hiring include Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, San Francisco, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Tacoma, WA.

Regional Quality Analyst, IT Internal Audit Manager, Product Manager, Account Specialist, University Program Manager, Recruiter, Data Science Manager, Engineering Manager are all accessible positions.


Company rating on Glassdoor: 3.9

There are 92 open jobs.

Locations for hiring: Culver City, CA; New York, NY; and Mount Laurel, NJ.

NFL Media Segment Producer, Digital Content Analyst, Associate Creative Director, Social Media Animation Production Assistant, Motion Graphics, Player Social Media Initiatives Coordinator, and Managing Editor are all open positions.


Company ratings on Glassdoor: 4.0

There are 144 open vacancies.

Locations for hiring: Dallas, Texas; San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Boston, Massachusetts; and Houston, Texas.

Account Executive, Director of Corporate Events, Senior Consultant, Workday HCM Consultant, Quality Assurance Sr. Consultant, and Cloud Architect are all accessible positions.


Company rating on Glassdoor: 3.7

There are 148 open jobs.

Tempe, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Sunnyvale, CA; Ashburn, VA; Kirkland, WA; and Los Angeles, CA are all hiring locations.

Marketing Account Coordinator, Inbound Sales Advisor, Customer Service Agent, Designer, UX Designer, Global Manager Workforce Management are all accessible positions.

Telecommunications Brokerage (TBI)

Company rating on Glassdoor: 4.6

There are 19 open vacancies.

Hiring locations include Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, and Atlanta, GA.

Payroll Specialist, Commission Analyst, Account Manager, National Channel Manager, Direct Sales Representative, Commission Analyst, Sales Trainer, and Project Coordinator are all accessible positions.

New Household Name

Company rating on Glassdoor: 4.8

There are 25 open vacancies.

Hiring sites include Spokane, Washington; Elgin, Illinois; Bend, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; and Elmhurst, Illinois.

There are many positions available, including Full Stack Developer, Sales Assistant, Director Trainee, and Administrative Assistant.


Company rating on Glassdoor: 4.0

There are 1,400 open vacancies.

Locations for hiring include Dallas, TX, Bellevue, WA, Murphy, TX, Bothell, WA, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, and Honolulu, HI.

Retail Sales Associate, Retail Manager, Manager of Repair Depot, TechX Internship Program, Bilingual Sales Associate, Field Sales Trainer, Software Engineer, Employee Care Specialist, Sr. Analyst of Revenue Assurance are among the positions offered.


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