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Online pre-employment examinations may be used to assess skills.

We offer over 70 online exams for applications and candidates to select from at TestGorilla. Here are a few examples of test categories that might assist you in evaluating and measuring prospective employees:

Language exams

If you're hiring for roles that require a specific language level, testing candidates' language skills before interviewing them is a great way to get a sense of their capabilities—you'll be able to quickly determine whether they could get through an entire interview in the required language before inviting them to one.

Language proficiency examinations (B1/C1) are available for English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch, with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, sentence formation, and reading and listening comprehension.

Ability to think

If you're looking for people with strong analytical and critical thinking skills, our cognitive ability tests may assist. This category includes examinations that assess attention to detail, problem solving, critical thinking, arithmetic reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Programming abilities

There are a variety of TestGorilla exams available for individuals applying for every kind of developer employment. TestGorilla's DevOps test, for example, assists you in weeding out applicants who are fit for a post in a DevOps organizational culture, including how likely they are to be able to execute DevOps methods. Other programming tasks in our test collection include SQL (code): complicated queries, PHP (coding), and the CSS Developer Test, among many more.

Personality and culture are compatible.

Personality and cultural fit assessments provide information about applicants and how well they could fit in with your company. After completing the enneagram, 16 types, or DISC test, for example, a results page offers a description of the candidate's personality style, attitude to personal relationships, and approach to functioning in a professional context.

Situational analysis

Situational judgment assessments assess how candidates and applicants react to workplace problems and events. There is a negotiating exam for individuals recruiting for sales-focused jobs, a corporate ethics and compliance test for managers, directors, and HR professionals, and a leadership and people management test for team leaders and general managers.

Companies are often stressed for time when it comes to conducting skills tests and assessing the findings whenever there is an open position to fill. Pre-testing is a fast and simple approach to assess prospective new recruits' skill sets and establish if they're a good match for the job and your firm.

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