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What Exactly Is On-the-Job Training?

Organizations that provide on-the-job training pay workers to learn while they work. On-the-job training allows new employees to learn a job while working and getting a wage. This sort of work does not need prior experience; the company will teach the individual and may also give extra learning to aid with gaining license or certification.

There are several jobs and businesses that give training for new workers, particularly for positions that are in high demand and difficult to fill. CVS, for example, offers a Health Pharmacy Instruction Program that includes 120 days of training for new pharmacy technicians and tools to assist staff in obtaining their pharmacy technician licensure. Meanwhile, Roehl Transport provides paid CDL training for truck drivers, as well as on-the-road experience with a licensed driver trainer.

Furthermore, Enterprise's Management Training Program provides college graduates with the chance to begin a career via on-the-job training, formal learning, and mentorship. For people interested in a career in the skilled trades, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has an apprenticeship program that includes


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