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Jobs for Stay-at-Home Mothers

1. Accountant: Unlike tax preparers, accountants usually work all year, and their salary reflects this: According to PayScale, the median yearly salary for this career is $50,322. Accountants examine financial data, write reports, and keep records. A bachelor's degree is usually necessary for this position.

2. Actuary: Actuaries evaluate risk for insurance businesses and seem to like their work—they frequently express high job satisfaction. Actuaries make high wages as well, with the best earners earning more than $150,000 per year, according to PayScale. (The median salary is roughly $85,000.) This profession also has a promising employment prognosis, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 22 percent increase between 2016 and 2026.

3. Curriculum Developer: For the next stage of their careers, former teachers who wish to make a solid livelihood while working from home could explore curriculum creation. This position, which normally needs a master's degree and teaching experience, entails creating instructional materials for use in the classroom. According to PayScale statistics, the median yearly income for this job is $58,701.

4. HR Recruiter: Skilled human resources recruiters may occasionally work from home, using phone or video conference. This position normally earns a median annual income of $47,760 and needs knowledge of recruitment tools as well as great communication skills. Although a degree is not necessarily needed, some organizations prefer individuals with a bachelor's degree in human resources.

5. Nurse Case Manager: Registered nurses have a variety of flexible career opportunities. They may work per diem in hospitals, part-time in physicians' offices and clinics, or telecommute as nurse case managers for insurance firms or healthcare groups. (Please keep in mind that not all nurse case manager positions are work-from-home opportunities.) Scrutinize job postings carefully to discover if the position is distant.) A bachelor's degree and experience are normally required for this position, which offers a median annual income of $69,876.

6.Tax preparers often work heavy hours during tax season (approximately January through April in the United States) and then have a lot of time off the rest of the year. Contrary to common misconception, an accounting degree is not necessary for this position; preparers may also become registered agents by passing a rigorous IRS test or working as a supervised preparer under the supervision of an attorney or CPA. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tax preparers earned a median annual salary of $36,550 in 2016.

7. Tech Support Specialist: Educational qualifications for this position vary depending on the business; some large software organizations demand a bachelor's degree, while others accept people with an associate degree or some computer coursework. Regardless, tech support experts definitely need two things: computer expertise and a great degree of patience when dealing with those who have just lost theirs. If you have all of them, you may be a good match for this career, which offers a typical annual income of $49,307, according to PayScale.

8.Tutor: Another employment for former teachers, tutors work one-on-one with pupils to help them improve their academic abilities. Tutors may collaborate with students in person or through video conferencing. This employment normally pays roughly $18 per hour and has the benefit of being relatively flexible—tutors may often modify their schedules as time allows, working more or less as required.

9. Virtual Assistant: This position requires strong organizational, communication, and people skills, as well as familiarity with common software applications such as Microsoft Office. However, since the position normally does not need a degree, it is more available to people with administrative experience but no formal tertiary education. According to PayScale, the average hourly wage is $15.59.

10. Web Developer: Jobs that depend on the internet and mobile technology are ideal for working from home. Web developers are unquestionably in this group. According to PayScale, this career makes a median annual income of $58,340 and has a lot of job security: the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the occupation will rise 13 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is substantially quicker than normal. Best of all, this employment often does not need a four-year degree to begin. Although many web developers have associate degrees, talents alone may be sufficient to get your foot in the door with many firms.

Writer/Editor: Former reporters, public relations and marketing writers, and editors may frequently continue their jobs as freelancers. These occupations pay between $48,000 and $50,000 per year on average and provide a lot of flexibility for working parents.

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