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The Advantages of Work Experience for Year 12 Students

Work experience is an important achievement for sixth-form and college students. You acquire significant experience and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment by devoting time and effort to locating and completing your work placement. Here are some of the advantages of year 12 job experience:

It may help you with your UCAS personal statement.

If you wish to follow a particular career such as medicine, law, or teaching, obtaining work experience may give you with intriguing tales and experiences to reflect on while writing your personal statement in year 13. You might talk about areas of your job experience that you found difficult or encouraging. University interviewers may be interested in learning about your year 12 employment experience.

Work experience gives you a strong feeling of maturity and responsibility.

For many students, job experience is their first taste of full-time employment. Placement agencies want you to be on time, aggressive, and organized. Employers and workers may be more ready to interact with you and make you feel like a member of the team. It's not only beneficial to people who wish to work with you; the skills you learn may also help you develop stronger connections with family, friends, and instructors.

You may develop useful connections in the industry where you wish to work.

Work experience may lead to more professional chances such as internships, apprenticeships, and even job offers. Employers are constantly seeking for individuals who might be a good fit for their team and may wish to stay in contact with you after your placement is over. Follow up with your work placement team to express your gratitude and leave a positive impression.

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