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1. Owner of an Online Store

National Average Hourly Wage: $13.22

Typical Duties: If you have a lot of goods to sell, this may be the chance for you. There are several sites where you can sell your worn apparel, trinkets, crafts—you name it, you can sell it online. If you frequent thrift stores or just love purchasing a lot of clothing, selling your old ones might be a terrific way to make money.

2. Use of crowdsourcing

National Average Hourly Wage: $13.53

Crowdsourcing is executing tiny tasks for a corporation and being compensated per job done. Transcription, data input, surveys, research studies, identifying discrepancies in photographs, and a variety of other jobs fall under this category. Crowdsourcing platforms are often populated by college students who want research for a project and are prepared to pay participants in order to get speedy results. Crowdsourcing may be done on your own schedule, and you are not required to finish a certain amount of jobs. You only have a time constraint when you choose a job to accomplish.

3. transcriptionist

National Average Hourly Wage: $13.71

Transcribers listen to recordings made by physicians, attorneys, teachers, and other professionals and type them into structured papers. This may be accomplished via business equipment or by employing various key instructions on your keyboard. Transcription requires a keen ear as well as quick and precise typing abilities.

4. Data Entry Operator

National Average Hourly Wage: $14.07

Data entry clerks are responsible for a variety of typing tasks. Making lists, addresses, email addresses, or composing letters are all examples of this. These jobs are often tough to come by. When you uncover an opening, if you have quick fingers and can turn in work quickly, it may be a terrific money generating option. When looking for these sorts of possibilities, be cautious since there are frauds. A reputable job offer will never need you to pay money up ahead or cash a check or money order in return for software or equipment. They will never request that you return funds from a cashed check or money order to the sender.


National Average Hourly Wage: $15.48

Bloggers are those who have something to say. You may blog on your own website and get paid every visitor, or you can blog for another firm. When blogging for a business, you will usually be given a subject to blog about, but you may also be allowed to generate own material. Vlogging or video blogging is growing popularity among those who are not scared to go on camera. If you have anything fascinating going on in your life, like traveling, cooking, or virtually anything else that others would be interested in seeing, video blogging may be a terrific way to make money. Vlogging also allows you to create instructional films teaching how to accomplish something, such as a handicraft technique or a math course.

6. Virtual Assistant

National Average Hourly Wage: $15.79

Typical Duties: Virtual assistants often work in online customer care. Your responsibilities might involve sending emails, email marketing, answering phone calls, and dealing with consumer concerns. Virtual assistants are sometimes expected to participate in meetings through video chat. As long as deadlines are met, virtual assistants may operate on their own schedule.

7.Designer of Graphics

National Average Hourly Wage: $17.67

Graphic designers develop, design, and manufacture business cards, logos, T-shirts, and other items for businesses. You may work individually, freelancing, or in-house for a bigger organization. If you wish to operate independently, you may sell your designs online or approach local companies with examples and pricing lists to let them know what you do.

8. Online Tutor

National Average Hourly Wage: $21.41

Virtual tutors often train and teach individuals through video chat, instant messaging, or email. You may instruct in any subject in which you excel and have quantifiable talents. You may also teach English as a second language to folks. You may instruct people of any age, however some tutoring organizations demand a degree. These are often businesses where you instruct youngsters. Online tutoring may be a good option for you if you have patience and are adept at teaching a skill.


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