Jobs hiring around me part time

How do you go about asking for job experience?

We understand that contacting prospective employers might be intimidating, but most would be pleased to speak with someone who is driven and displays a genuine interest in their field. Even if you are able to acquire a placement via someone you know, getting out there and creating those contacts on your own can help you expand your network.

Determine who the best person to contact is. Send a pleasant email introducing yourself, along with your CV, to someone in a managerial/senior capacity (remember, Linkedin is your friend here).

We're not suggesting you tell them your whole life narrative, but just a little about what you're studying, any extracurricular activities that may be related to their career, and why you'd want to do some work experience with their organization.

And don't send a generic email to 15 different locations — employers can recognize a copy and paste job a mile away, and it will seem as if you haven't given your application any attention.

If you haven't heard back from them after a number of emails, you may call them.

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