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Remote Jobs That Do Not Require a Bachelor's Degree

1. Project Coordinator

Project managers create specifications, budgets, and timetables for a company's projects. They manage such initiatives from conception to completion, collaborating with internal and external customers, suppliers, consultants, and computer professionals.

2. Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance firms and other organizations use claims adjusters to analyze insurance claims, which includes onsite and virtual examination of damages and claim paperwork. A diploma and experience are required for this sort of position, and most big insurance firms also provide continuous training.

3. Sales Representative (Inside)

Inside sales representatives generate new business by cold calling and responding to inbound requests. They also spend time communicating with current clients to assure their contentment and to expose them to new goods and services that may be of interest to them. To market products and services to prospects, this profession demands excellent interpersonal and persuading abilities.

4. Coordinator of Social Media

$39,600 per year

Social media coordinators use websites and groups for social networking to present subjects or promote companies and ideas online. To attract website visitors to their home page or firm, they engage people in active dialogue and give fascinating connections to articles, videos, and other material.

5. Technical Support Representative

A computer aptitude and networking abilities are required for a tech support career. To discover issues and offer or cooperate on solutions, tech support workers consult with other personnel. Troubleshooting, making work orders, and upgrading computers are common responsibilities.


As firms need to handle enormous volumes of information, transcriptionists are part of the expanding need for information processing experts. These individuals assist companies in keeping up with the fast developments in today's Information Age by transforming audio recordings supplied by business and medical specialists into written text for use in secure files and records.

7. Interpreter

Translators who are bilingual or multilingual translate information from one language to another. Fast typing and editing abilities are often required for these professions.

8.Travel Agency

Remote travel agents operate from home, planning itineraries and booking airline, hotels, cruises, and other travel packages.

9. Writer

Writers create a broad range of written items that are conveyed to an audience in a variety of methods. Writers provide material for readers, listeners, and viewers in a variety of multimedia mediums. Most authors are at least somewhat acquainted with technology, such as computers and the internet.

10. Virtual Assistance

Virtual administrators offer administrative help to businesses, organizations, or even individuals on a freelance or remote employee basis. Many of the typical back-office administrative duties that office managers, customer service managers, or sales support professionals might do can be performed by virtual administrators.

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