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A guide for overseas students looking for work in the UK.

1. Increase your employability

To increase your employability, you should try out for several job opportunities to get experience working for a company in the UK. Part-time work placements may be a fun way to obtain real-world experience. This part-time employment might be related to the subject you're doing at a UK university. Volunteering may be an excellent method to obtain hands-on experience in a topic of interest. It might also be any project that you are interested in. Several companies respect a prospective employee's entrepreneurial talents.

2. Career Guidance-Securing Your Dream Job

Every UK university has a Career Services staff that advises students throughout the year on how to create an effective CV, where to hunt for the ideal positions for you, and how to prepare for an interview. This gives students a wonderful chance to get pertinent career guidance.

3. Resources for Job Seeking

In addition to seeking for employment on official job portals, you should utilize numerous social networking websites to find work. Join professional networks like LinkedIn to publicize your credentials, accomplishments, and experience. This network may also be utilized to establish contacts with highly skilled experts. Apply to as many positions as possible using your university's portal, recruiting websites such as Post Study, one of the platforms specialized to foreign students, or your school's recruitment portal. Graduate Recruitment Fairs are organized on university campuses and in large cities on a regular basis. Companies from all around the world attend these trade shows. You should schedule appointments ahead of time to reserve a seat for yourself.

4. Locating a Graduate Employer

There are two methods to apply for a Graduate Scheme with an organization.

Graduate Programs - Many organizations accept young graduates with little or no experience for Graduate Programs. These programs often begin with a 3-6 month to a 3-year contract. These initiatives provide fascinating possibilities for students to get hands-on experience working in the UK. The application procedure begins with an online exam, followed by a phone interview. The last step is a formal interview.

Direct Entry entails applying to a firm using a cover letter and CV. This is followed by a phone interview and finally a formal interview. The position might begin as an Intern or as a full-time employee.

Students utilize one of these methods to join the UK labor market. Using your UK connections might also help you get work in the UK.

5. Visas and Work Permits

To work for your employer, you must have a Tier 2 visa. Please go here for additional information about Tier 2. A Tier 5 visa is required to work as an intern in a firm. Please go here to learn more about the Tier 5 visa.

6.Licensed Sponsoring Organizations

Finally, below is a list of businesses who sponsor International Students on Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas.


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