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Update your resume or curriculum vitae and cover letter: A resume, also known as a curriculum vitae (CV), is a document that provides information about your education, accomplishments, and work experience.

An employer will often glance at your CV and cover letter first. Making a good first impression is critical. Your CV should cover all relevant employment experience as well as personal and professional accomplishments that you are proud of. Your cover letter should describe why you are qualified for the position.

Do you need assistance? See our help on writing a Canadian CV.

Spend some time researching businesses where you believe you may like to work. You may learn about the corporate culture and career opportunities by visiting their websites.

Take use of social media: When utilized properly, social media may be a strong networking tool that can aid in your job hunt.

Check out our advice to help you improve your social media presence for your Canadian job hunt.

Strong references assist companies understand more about you and your work history. This might be a useful resource while looking for work. Requesting references from prior employers in your home country might help you find a job in Canada.

Follow up: In a competitive job market, following in with the employer and demonstrating your excitement for the position will help you stand out. You may follow up after submitting your resume to show your interest, as well as after an interview to thank them for their time.

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