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Job rivalry is fierce.

Our major piece of advise to job seekers is to go beyond just checking the boxes and matching the criteria that a company is searching for.

When applying for employment, you must truly sell yourself to a prospective employer - why should they choose you above other candidates? Consider how you can stand out from the throng.

Students who hunt for employment by dropping generic CVs and cover letters into main street retail outlets and pubs often ignore this.

How you manage the application process reflects the kind of employee you are: come off as not putting in the effort at this level of the game, and you will not impress anybody.

Also, try not to allow rejected applications undermine your confidence. Remember the'survival of the fittest' idea from secondary school? This also applies to the employment market.

Those who are prepared to change their strategy and treat each rejection letter as if it were water off a duck's back are more likely to succeed. Continue to remind yourself of this!

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