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10 Excellent Jobs for Which You Can Train in a Year or Less

1. HVAC Installer/Mechanic

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialists install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems. HVAC technicians often finish a trade school or community college apprenticeship or course of study.

Depending on the curriculum, training might take as short as six months. Some jurisdictions require technicians to be licensed, and all HVAC mechanics and installers must follow state and federal standards for refrigerant handling and disposal.

Annual Median Salary: $48,730

2019-2029 Occupational Outlook (projected percentage change in employment): 4%

2. Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage therapists assist their customers by easing pain and tension, reducing stress, and boosting overall well-being. Massage therapy is regulated in most jurisdictions, and many require practitioners to be licensed. Massage therapy schools generally demand a high school diploma and 500 hours of study or more.

Annual Median Salary: $42,820 Occupational Outlook 2019-2029: 21%

3. Dental Technician

While most dental hygienists have at least an associate's degree, dental assistants may occasionally learn on the job. In certain areas, dental assistants must finish a recognized dental assisting school that leads to a certificate and often takes a year to complete. Dental assistants may also be required to complete a certification test, depending on state regulations.

The average annual salary is $40,080.

7% Occupational Outlook 2019-2029

4. Official Court Reporter

Court reporters are those who record judicial procedures such as trials, depositions, and hearings. You must have exceptional listening and writing abilities, as well as outstanding focus and attention to detail, to succeed in this profession. Court reporters who operate in legal contexts are required to be licensed or qualified in various jurisdictions. Postsecondary certificate programs for court reporters are available at several community colleges and technical schools. In addition, court reporters often undergo a few weeks of on-the-job training.

The average annual salary is $60,130.

Occupational Forecast 2019-2029: 9%

5. Driver of a Truck

Large-distance truck drivers move commodities across long distances. This is not an easy profession since it entails long days of driving and, in some cases, weeks of travel. However, training at a community college or a private school takes just three to six months. Truck drivers must get a commercial driver's license after finishing their study and earning their certificate (CDL).

Annual Median Salary: $45,260

Occupational Forecast 2019-2029: 2%

6.Installer of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Green energy occupations are on the increase, with decent pay, bright career prospects, and generally quick training programs. Installers, repairers, and maintainers of solar panels may begin their careers with a high school diploma, community college courses, and on-the-job training.

Annual Median Salary: $44,890

51% Occupational Outlook 2019-2029

7. Construction Machine Operator

Heavy machinery is used by construction equipment operators to help create constructions, roads, and bridges. In addition, they may be in charge of cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the equipment. These personnel must have a commercial driver's license and may also need additional certification, such as a crane operator's license. Some construction equipment operators finish an apprenticeship or attend a vocational school, while others begin with a high school education and on-the-job training.

Annual Median Salary: $48,160 Occupational Outlook 2019-2029: 4%

8.Agent of Real Estate

Are you considering a career in real estate? Taking a few real estate classes, passing a state licensure test, and gaining on-the-job experience working for a registered real estate broker are all common ways to get started. With a year or more of experience and some more training, you may be able to become a real estate broker and operate your own office later on.

Annual Median Salary: $50,730

Occupational Forecast 2019-2029: 2%

9.Private Investigator 

Private investigators use specialized technologies, surveillance, and interviewing tactics to obtain information and conduct investigations. They might work for financial institutions, insurance firms, or private customers. Most private detectives and investigators get on-the-job training that lasts several months to a year, and many have law enforcement or military experience. Most states need this vocation to be licensed.

Annual Median Salary: $50,510

Occupational Forecast 2019-2029: 8%

10.Agent for Cargo and Freight

Cargo and freight brokers help transfer commodities to and from shipping piers and terminals. If you have a high school graduation, you may get started in this position quite fast. Many agents get their knowledge on the job.

Annual Median Salary: $43,740

Occupational Outlook: 8% from 2018 to 2028


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