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How to Get a Job as a New Graduate?

1. Tailor the CV and cover letter to the employment position.

Job company near meTailor the CV and cover letter to the employment position

Do not submit a generic version of your CV to each recruiter.

Change your CV to fulfill the recruiter's needs based on the job description.

Similarly, make adjustments to your cover letter to keep it relevant to the job criteria.

Remember to examine and proofread.

In the end, your resume serves as your principal introduction to the recruiter.

Make certain that it represents you in the best possible light and is appropriate for the job in question.

A well-written and personalized cover letter will also increase the worth of your CV.

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2. Make use of job boards

Job company near meMake use of job boards

Stop naively searching for a job on Google. Open a prominent online job board and create a profile there.

The idea is to conduct focused searches rather than random searches in order to assess and apply for the proper job.

Most online job sites, like, provide a list of recent job vacancies organized by category.

These advertisements are highly extensive and provide a clear image of whether or not you would be a suitable match for the organization.

You may also utilize the 'advanced search' option on such job boards to filter newer job opportunities by essential talents, geography, job type, experience, and so on.

Bottom line: Using focused searches can help you find the perfect job quicker than doing random searches and hope for the best.

3. Professional and social networking

Networking is a necessary skill for finding jobs. Online networking services such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are popular among both job searchers and employers.

Essentially, these social networking services allow you to promote and brand yourself.

Giving your profile a professional facelift is the key to making it stand out.

Make a list of all relevant information, such as your educational history, present status, location, and so on.

Begin making relationships on these social networking sites with workers in your desired field.

Follow them and participate in their postings and activities. You may publish and share intriguing content about your preferred industry.

This would help create interest and comments, which might lead to a potential employer contacting you.

If you want to join professional networking events, check out services like Meetup.

Bottom line: With everything moving digital these days, having a web presence is critical.

Use professional and social networking platforms to connect with possible recruiters and grow your network.

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4. Career fairs and events

Job company near meCareer fairs and events

When searching for work, job fairs are a terrific opportunity to start putting yourself out there and meeting the appropriate people.

Attending a job fair can help you get a feel for the employment market and put you in contact with possible employers.

Recruiters, on the other hand, encounter hundreds of prospective applications each day at a job fair.

Carry a business card with your contact information and links to your social and professional profiles.

Do not be afraid to contact the recruiters you meet at the show.

Send them an email informing them of your interest in joining their firm and reminding them of the meeting at the fair.

For forthcoming career events, check out Allevents, Townscript, and Fresherjobfair.

Bottom line: Many large corporations, like as TCS and Infosys, utilize job fairs to find new workers. So going to one makes sense.

5. The company's career page

If you are interested in a certain firm, apply directly on the company's website.

Almost every company has a 'career page' or a 'employment' section with current positions.

Open the corporate website and check for these parts, which are normally near the bottom of the page.

When you click the 'career' link, you will be sent to a website where you can fill out an application and submit your résumé.

You may be provided an email address to contact the HR personnel in certain circumstances.

Another option is to just Google the firm name followed by the term careers, for example, Deloitte careers, IBM careers, Jabong careers, and so forth.

Bottom line: Directly applying on the corporate website demonstrates your interest in the firm.

Who knows, they could just call you in for an interview straight now!

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6. Job recommendation

Job company near meJob recommendation

Job references are one of the most effective methods to find work. A job referral occurs when someone suggests you for an available position in a firm.

Many firms offer an Employee Referral Program in which an employee who suggests an applicant for a position in his company is rewarded. It is unquestionably a win-win scenario.

Begin by compiling a list of all your known contacts. Find out whether they or any of their friends work in your desired field.

Call or meet with each of these people one by one to see if any of them may assist you with a reference.

Bottom line: If you obtain a reference from the correct person, you should be able to at least get an interview call.

And who knows, it may get you your ideal job!

7. Letters of endorsement and reference

Employers get insight into a candidate's past and talents via reference and recommendation letters.

A reference letter is generic in nature and is not addressed to a specific recipient.

It is a general evaluation of a candidate's character.

If you have no previous job experience, obtaining a recommendation letter from a teacher or lecturer is a smart option.

However, if you have prior experience, contact your mentor and ask for a reference letter for a specific job, stating your talents and capabilities to work in that area.

Bottom line: References and recommendations boost the trustworthiness of your profile.

So, when applying for a job, be sure to include them.

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8. Informal interviews

Job company near meInformal interviews

Many firms have walk-in interviews on a certain day and time.

When it comes to first introduction and screening of prospects, walk-in interviews are ideal.

There is no need to make an appointment for a walk-in interview. Simply go to the organization's office and meet with the recruiter on the specified day and time.

Bottom line: Walk-in interviews are ideal for new hires since they enable them to get acquainted with the interview process.

9. Send emails

Find recruiters' email addresses on networking networks or corporate websites, then contact them to express your interest in the firm and career.

You may also send an email to a recruiter who saw your profile on a job board or professional networking site.

Send an email to the firm expressing your interest in the position and attaching your CV.

Mention the topic of the email carefully, such as 'Resume for XYZ Job Application,' 'Job Application for XYZ,' and so on, so that the recruiter can quickly recognize it.

Bottom line: Email is one of the most effective and easiest methods to contact recruiters.

Wait a few days before contacting them again.

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10.Platforms for training

Job company near mePlatforms for training

Many training platforms, such as Simplilearn, provide industry-recognized certification courses to help you advance in your job.

Similarly, Digital Vidya provides popular training programs in the digital and analytics domains.

It also provides firms with placement services and connects them with Digital Vidya participants.

Other sites, such as Myamcat, allow you to analyze your employability and then match you with employers based on that assessment.

It provides training and talent evaluation tools, as well as keeping you up to speed on recruiting events, to assist you in finding a suitable employment.

Bottom line: Good training platforms provide a wide range of recognized programs and are well-connected with businesses.

They may be quite beneficial in enhancing your employability.

11. Make a straight approach

If you are interested in working for a certain firm, you may also go to their office.

Even though most organizations accept applications online, you never know, the recruiter may be pleased with your drive and do an on-the-spot interview with you.

Bottom line: Approach a firm directly to obtain a sense of the work atmosphere.


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