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5 in-demand careers in the United Kingdom


The NHS is facing a significant staffing problem in the UK as it fights to retain talent among healthcare workers in the aftermath of Brexit. Stefan Rousseau/AFP is the source.

In the United Kingdom, there are several healthcare-related job possibilities.

The National Health Service (NHS) claims to be Europe's largest employer and the world's largest employer of highly qualified professionals. Over one million individuals in England's health care devote their working life to caring for others.

Jobs in the health services and public health sector that are in high demand include:

Managers and directors of health services and public health

Radiographers in medicine



Workers in senior care



It's also worth mentioning that the UK has a Health and Care Worker visa, which permits medical professionals to travel to or remain in the UK to work for the NHS, an NHS supplier, or in adult social care.


The engineering sector in the United Kingdom is confronting a large skills, knowledge, and experience shortage in engineering-related positions. Ben Stansall/AFP is the source.

A report titled "Engineering UK: The State of Engineering 2019" by the non-profit organization EngineeringUK forecasts an annual demand for 124,000 engineers and technicians with core engineering skills across the economy, as well as an additional requirement for 79,000 "related" roles requiring a mixed application of engineering knowledge and skill alongside other skill sets.

They also estimate a 37,000 to 59,000-person shortage in fulfilling the yearly demand for core engineering occupations needing level 3+ capabilities.

The Home Office lists the following engineering jobs as being in high demand:

Engineers in civil engineering

Engineers in mechanical engineering

Engineers in electrical engineering

Engineers in electronics

Engineers in design and development

Process and production engineers

Archaeology students and social and humanities scientists

International graduates with an archaeology-related diploma are in luck, since archaeology-related employment are among the most in-demand in the UK. Source: AFP/Roberta Basile

Those interested in the scientific study of ancient people and the analysis of artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments will be pleased to learn that archaeologists are in great demand in the United Kingdom.

This is fantastic news for overseas graduates who studied archaeology since there is a rising demand in the country for companies to address the skills, knowledge, and experience gap in the industry.


International graduates who studied IT at university may be interested in work in cyber security, information architecture, or big data analytics in the UK. Isabel Infantes/AFP is the source.

The UK is now experiencing a significant IT staffing crisis, with firms unable to locate individuals with experience in cyber security, big data analytics, and technical architecture.

Bev White, CEO of Harvey Nash Group, observes that, despite companies expecting record amounts of digital expenditure, severe IT skills shortages may force organizations trying to accelerate their digital transitions to fall short.

"They lack the supply of trained personnel they need; they have yet to establish a new and successful employee offer for the hybrid working environment; and the skills they require are changing as technology evolves at a rapid rate," she added.

This offers up a plethora of chances for overseas graduates looking for IT-related professions in the United Kingdom. Some of the most in-demand IT-related jobs are:

Business analysts, architects, and system designers in information technology

Professionals in programming and software development

Professionals in web design and development

Professionals in information technology and communications


Those with an artistic or creative flare might find work in the United Kingdom. Among the most in-demand occupations in the UK are:

Choreographers and dancers

Musicians, artists, producers, and directors

The Home Office said that they are searching for "talented classical ballet dancers or competent contemporary dancers who satisfy the quality needed by globally recognized UK ballet or contemporary dance groups" to work as a dancer and choreographer in the UK.

Orchestral players who "are leads, principals, sub-principals, or numbered string positions, and who reach the quality demanded by globally recognized UK orchestras" are in high demand.

Dancers and choreographers, such as classical ballet dancers or excellent modern dancers, are in high demand in the United Kingdom. However, these positions are only available to professional dancers who satisfy the standards set by globally recognized UK ballet or modern dance groups.

If you are a foreign graduate of one of the UK's higher education institutions searching for work in the country after graduation, you may use the Shortage Occupation List to research potential career paths in the UK.


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