IT job openings near me

Which IT Companies in India Are the Best for Freshers?

IT job openings near meIT job openings near me


Wipro, one of the country's major IT corporations, employs approximately 160,000 people across six continents. It hired around 9,000 college graduates worldwide last year, a 1.5 percent increase over 2018. It provides corporate consulting and process services in automation, robots, cloud computing, and other future-oriented technology. It is the ideal firm for new engineering and management graduates, with the primary goal of making digitization simpler for customers.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)

You're set for life if you can secure a job with TCS. It has a worldwide presence in 46 countries and a talent pool of approximately 4 million people from 143 different ethnicities. One of the main reasons why freshers seek work at TCS is the variety of culture. Furthermore, the firm employs the most women (about 35.6 percent ). This organization, which deals with technological goods, services, digital platforms, and processes, is many freshers' fantasy.

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Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra, a $4.9 billion firm with over 1 million people in 90 countries, has one of the finest wage packages. As India's biggest IT company, it provides 926 worldwide clients with unique, digital experiences and assets. If you join as a tech-savvy associate, you may start on INR 1,70,000 and work your way up to INR 5,45,000 in a few years. They also provide flexible scheduling and other benefits to promote their workers' work-life balance.


Cognizant, one of India's most recognized fresher-friendly organizations, provides a learning experience unlike any other. It provides thorough instruction to recent grads. According to the staff, the organization provides a welcoming environment for newcomers. The hierarchy is less strict here, and extra efforts are made to promote a good work-life balance. For IT experts, the average yearly compensation at Cognizant is more than INR 3,000,000.

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The organization probably has the largest wage range for new employees in the nation. IT experts with the necessary abilities for a position in this organization may earn a starting salary of INR 4,00,000 per year. They may also obtain health insurance, training and mentorship, sports and gym facilities, entertainment, and so on at the workplace. It's no surprise that the folks who work here are always cheerful and motivated!


Hexaware, another renowned IT consulting business, seeks employees with a strong interest in automation and associated technologies. The firm aspires to give personalized digital solutions to consumers by combining human brains, creativity, and the most recent technological advancements. It has a strong reputation among new graduates for offering substantial learning opportunities and prospects for advancement.

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Capgemini is one of the best IT companies for freshers in India, boasting an unrivaled company culture and a high-quality work environment. The HR department indulges in creating a pleasant workplace to promote employee motivation. They sometimes conduct amusing events, vacations, and leisure activities. Last but not least, the organization prioritizes its female workers. It hosts one of the most popular women's day festivities in the business sector and also has a women's football squad.

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Wrapping it up

These organizations will hire you right from your campus recruiting session. Each year, recruiting managers from such prominent IT organizations want to hire new college graduates. Your chances of being hired in these organizations improve if your institution has an up-to-date and automated campus placement system. You may also apply on their websites, where they post job openings. If you acquire a good job here, you may never have to look back. So, give your application your all.

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