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How to Find Part-Time Work

Plan ahead of time to look for part-time work.

When searching for work, it is ideal to begin your search as soon as feasible. You may not obtain a job right away, so don't wait until you really need to start working to start applying.

To avoid peak job-hunting season, get a head start by looking for part-time work online and applying for a few jobs before starting university.

During freshers' week, everyone will be hunting for job, but if you're already at the interview stage, you're in for a terrific opportunity.

Create an outstanding CV

Whatever sort of job you're going for, you'll need a strong résumé that will set you apart from the crowd.

Our guide to building the ideal CV should be your first port of call. Even if you believe you've nailed your CV, it's worth going over our suggestions to ensure it's of A+ quality.

Maintain a duplicate of your standard CV and then customize it for each application. For example, if a job posting particularly requests communication and organizational skills, make sure your CV demonstrates that you possess these abilities (backed up with any relevant experience).

Check your information three times.

Students are notorious for changing their contact information on the fly, so make sure the information you provide to prospective employers is constantly up to current.

Also, avoid mistakes - this should be true throughout your application, but notably in the area with your contact information.

Pay close attention to the email address and phone number you enter on your application; these are the data recruiters will use to contact you about interviews.

We also advise avoiding using a Hotmail email address since it is the least professional-looking option. Instead, you might acquire an Outlook or Gmail account.

Participate in extracurricular activities.

We understand that it seems to be a never-ending cycle, but having some experience on your resume makes it much simpler to obtain a job. But don't panic if you've never worked before — there are lots of other things you can do to boost your job applications.

Don't know which ones to try? We have compiled a list of the finest extracurricular activities for you based on your chosen industry.

To truly capture the attention of employers, you may also consider volunteering, assisting a family friend with their company, or even starting a website.

As a job candidate, be eager.

Follow up on your application and request updates to show companies you're interested in the position.

Although you should never bother recruiters, making an effort to keep in contact during the process will go a long way.

And, following a job interview, it's always a good idea to write a brief email thanking the interviewer for their time. This not only demonstrates your genuine interest in the position, but also that you are courteous, kind, and grateful for the chance.

Set your social networking privacy settings to private.

While there is a divide between your professional and personal lives, companies are unlikely to hire you if all they see on your social media is photographs of drunken nights out and foul-mouthed rants on Facebook.

Instead, make sure you're doing all you can to make the most of social media in order to acquire a job.

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