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How to Boost Your Job Board Presence

Select the appropriate keywords. Keep in mind that not all job searchers will search every job board you publish on. It's sometimes simpler for them to just Google the position they're interested in. Use keywords that people are likely to look up: A'sales superstar' may seem appealing, but it will not show in a job seeker's search results for'sales executive' or'sales associate.'

Create appealing job postings. Assume that persons who previously registered to a job site get an email about a new job opportunity but are no longer seeking for work. What makes them think about your opportunity? An appealing and detailed job advertisement will. Even if they are no longer looking for work, they may share your job posting with other qualified prospects.

Keep your information current. You don't want to mislead your prospects into believing you have employment openings when you don't. For each new employment opening at your organization, it's essential to make an impression with a fresh job ad. Create a 'future opportunities' employment post to encourage individuals to send in their applications to help create your pipeline. You might also mention the kind of positions you often hire for and the overall attributes you want your team members to possess.


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