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How to Find Candidates Through Job Boards

Online resume search

Although their primary function is to publish job advertisements, job boards also function as resume databases by encouraging individuals to contribute their resumes. Instead of (or in addition to) submitting a job advertisement and waiting for resumes, you might search the portal's database for suitable applicants. Set precise parameters for your resume search, such as location, talents, educational level, and experience.

Some of the largest job sites, such as Indeed and Nexxt (Beyond), utilize specialist technology to give quality resumes to companies. Furthermore, they let recruiters to browse resumes online using numerous criteria to identify applicants quickly without placing a job ad. To get alerts for matched profiles, you may either set up an email alert or sync with your ATS.

Make use of sourcing tools.

Many websites provide sourcing tools for recruiters. Monster's Talentbin is a vast resume database from which you may choose from millions of profiles for each vacancy. Similarly, CareerBuilder's resume database use boolean logic to give accurate results that shorten your search time.

Find suitable employment boards for your position.

You must seek in the proper locations to save time while sourcing people via job boards. We work remotely brings remote employees and employers (from all sectors) together, while Mogul is the place to find more women in IT jobs. Check out Way Up if you're looking for paid internships. Local employment sites may be handy if you wish to search in a specific geographical region. Skywalker is a good place to look for Greek applicants, and IrishJobs is a good place to look for Irish people. Seek is preferred by Australian job hunters, whereas Cadremploi provides employment opportunities in France. It is essential to explore and try several portals based on your individual requirements. To find the sources that deliver the most qualified prospects, you should experiment and monitor your outcomes.

Think about non-traditional job boards.

Many websites operate as a de facto employment board while not being established as such. Their benefit is that they collect individuals who are interested in a given field and enable recruiters to post job vacancies and review resumes. This is quite beneficial for locating applicants with a certain skill set. Dribbble and Behance, for example, are the most popular venues for designers to not only hang out, but also to publish their resumes and showcase their work. StackOverflow and Github have built employment platforms where recruiters may contact coders. LinkedIn, a professional social network where companies post job adverts and interact with possible applicants, falls into the same category.

Put your business on the map

Effective sourcing also means that applicants may readily identify organizations who are looking for new employees. Job boards provide advertising space, with customized banners for firms with current positions. They also advertise job ads from premium accounts. Candidates use Glassdoor to search job postings as well as information about firms they want to work for. To improve your employer brand, you should advertise your organization on Glassdoor. You will eventually inspire more applicants to examine your employment openings.

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