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Ideas for Work Experience (Ideal for Year 10 and Year 12)

1. Work as a Dog Walker

Dog walking is an excellent method to obtain job experience. This profession exhibits responsibility and resilience, and it is also beneficial to your mental and physical health! It is also an excellent option for individuals who do not have access to transportation since it can be done simply in your local neighborhood, ideally within walking distance. You may even be able to make some money from it.

2. Participate in Cubs/Brownies/Scouts/Guides activities.

Volunteering at your local Scout or Guide Center looks great on your resume. Teamwork, responsibility, problem-solving, community spirit, and reliability are just a few of the outstanding attributes highlighted by this experience – all of which future employers want! Working with children is also beneficial if you want to pursue a career in education or childcare.

If you are/were a member of the Scouts/Cubs/Brownies/Guides/Rainbows/Beavers at any time in your life, this would be an excellent opportunity to get back into it and serve as a role model for younger children. More information may be found on Girlguiding UK's Work Experience website.

3. Make Use of Networking

Take advantage of networking with your family and friends by looking for work experience opportunities at their businesses. Not all job opportunities are posted. Often, who you know is more important than what you know. Inquire with your parents about accompanying them to work and learning what they do every day. Perhaps your friends' parents have occupations that you are interested in; why not request some work experience at their place of employment? Inquire with individuals you know about their jobs and what they require - you could find a whole new career path that intrigues you!

4. Perform Some Babysitting

Once again, this is a profession that requires maturity and responsibility. If your employer sees that you have been trusted to care for someone else's children, they will be more likely to trust you in the future. You might be doing this without even realizing it! Like dog walking, this is a fantastic opportunity to make money while still studying while also gaining experience dealing with children - vital if you want to work with children in the future.

5. Help out at sports groups or dancing lessons.

If you like being active, this is the job experience for you! Visit the websites of your local sports club or dancing school to see if you may volunteer as an assistant. Not only will you be able to engage in some physical exercise, but you will also earn job experience and improve collaboration skills to add to your CV.

6. Work as a Student Writer

Are you interested in journalism? Perhaps being a student writer is the best option. There are several possibilities for you to get job experience by writing articles, such as via your school or university's student newspaper or by starting your own blog. Of course, you may do it online as well. We have our own student writing program at Think Student. More information may be found on the student writer website. Some writing jobs may even pay, but even if they don't, it's an amazing experience to have on your resume.

7. Participate in Local Events/Festivals

Local events are fantastic places to obtain valuable job experience! You may help out at booths, assist backstage at performances, or even play in them! Interacting with the general people is a fantastic experience that allows you to hone skills necessary for careers that need social contact. If you're a performer, this is an excellent opportunity to display your skills while also getting experience.

8. Work at a Charity Shop

Volunteering at a charity store allows you to get acquainted with the customer service atmosphere, which will be highly beneficial if you intend on taking on a paid, part-time work in the future. If you believe you need to enhance your social skills and confidence, social engagement with clients is an excellent approach to do so. Of course, a role like this might pave the door for a future career in retail. More information may be found on the Volunteering pages of Oxfam and Cancer Research UK.

9. Get a job at a café or restaurant.

Those of you interested in working in the hospitality industry might consider obtaining a part-time job at a café or restaurant. Whether it's dishwashing or serving food and drinks, you'll gain vital, transferable skills for your future profession.

Keep in mind that youngsters under the age of 13 are not permitted to work, and only individuals above the age of 16 are permitted to serve alcohol behind the bar. Visit the UK Government's guideline website for further information.

10. Get a Job at a Movie Theater

Social abilities are incredibly appealing to potential employers. Work experience at your local cinema will provide you with several opportunity to hone your interpersonal skills. This is also a fantastic concept if you like watching movies. You may be working at the cash register, bringing customers to their seats, or cleaning up afterwards — whatever you do, experience is experience. Your CV will appreciate it.

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