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5 High-Paying Jobs for Recent Graduates

Manager of Transportation, Storage, and Distribution

The supply chain is not self-sufficient. These employees organize the shipment and distribution of items at every stage of the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the retail shelves.

Annual Median Salary: $96,390 Projected Job Growth 2020-30: 8%

Pilot, Commercial

If you like flying and are willing to get the necessary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license, you could be interested in working as a commercial pilot. These pilots may work as tour pilots, cargo pilots, or flying instructors, among other things. To operate as an airline pilot, you would require extra certification (and most likely a bachelor's degree).

Annual Median Salary: $93,300 Projected Job Growth 2020-30: 11%

Elevator Installation and Repair

Mechanical lifts and walkways are kept functioning by elevator and escalator installers and repairers. This position requires mechanical ability and problem-solving abilities, but does not need a four-year degree. Apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and an occupational license are common components of training.

Annual Median Salary: $88,540

Job growth projections for 2020-30: 6% 5

Detectives and criminologists

While certain departments may demand some college or a college degree, others may accept candidates with just a high school background. Detectives begin their careers as police officers by attending the training school of their department or agency.

Annual Median Salary: $86,940 Projected Job Growth 2020-30: 3% 6

Operator of a Petroleum Pump System

Workers in this occupation run the pumping systems that transport petroleum through a refinery. This requires mechanical and problem-solving abilities, as well as the ability to detect details in a noisy and crowded setting.

Annual Median Salary: $78,840 Projected Job Growth 2020-30: 6%

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