Can a tattoo ruin my modelling career o even end it?

Can a tattoo ruin my modelling career o even end it?

Is it time for you to actually get that tattoo or get that new piercing, but you're worried it may have a damaging effect on your modelling career?

Because the artwork is permanent ink, it is reasonable to be sceptical. After all, the artwork cannot be quickly erased. The fashion business has evolved to tolerate a more unconventional appearance. Tattoos and piercings may be seen on the runway and in fashion photoshoots, among other places. A trend that has seen modelling agencies specializing in unusual looks promote a more varied fashion industry has emerged as a result. Nevertheless, before you go head-to-head with that skeleton that you have in mind, evaluate the following things.


When it comes to renowned designers looking for a different style, tattooed models are a popular choice. If, on the other hand, you are seeking to get job in the commercial and catalogue industries, you may encounter some difficulties. Brands operating in this field often pick a model that does not include artwork in order to appeal to a broad audience. Some people may be open to the idea of a tattooed model. If the artwork, on the other hand, is incompatible with the vision you have in mind, your accessibility may be significantly decreased. Evaluate if you would desire to be approved for a large number of positions or whether you would simply wait for possibilities which are more open-minded.


You should keep in mind that your desire for an alternate model may be a fashion trend which goes out of style just as quickly as it came into style. The fashion industry evolves at a dizzying rate, with trends going in and out of vogue at incredible speeds. In order to avoid getting a tattoo just for the sake of becoming trendy, think twice before getting one. Your decision must be made on your own, without the influence of any current fashion trends.


Consider the overall scale of the artwork you want to create. A minor tattoo may either be overlooked or airbrushed off if it is absolutely essential to do so. Visible tattoos are difficult to conceal, but little, delicate body art isn't really. A complete sleeve or a tattoo which covers your back will be immediately observed, and it will undoubtedly have an impact on your hopes of becoming a model. When scheduling a session with a tattoo artist, it is important to think about the location and exposure of the tattoo before making a decision. Consider the quantity of tattoos you have too, since having a high number of tattoos is a message that may not be well received and may have a bad influence on your modelling career.


As we previously said, alternative modelling agencies are springing up all over the place these days. As a result, be sure to target the appropriate audience for your appearance and style. If you already have tattoos and piercings, you should register with a firm that specializes in this kind of work. As a result of their industry connections, they will be able to assist in finding jobs where artwork is not considered as a bad characteristic. It is possible that high fashion will accept a few tattooed skins, but commercial companies may not. Cara Delevingne, for example, has tattoos and has had the opportunity to have great career in her respective field.

Take Your Time.

Don't get a tattoo on the spur of the moment, while intoxicated, or just because your closest buddy has one. Your decision must be made on your own, influenced by your particular style, tastes, and sentiments, rather than on the opinions of others. Take the necessary time to analyse your future move, taking into consideration the size and location of your tattoo, in relation to your objectives and dreams. That the fashion business is becoming more open to a wider range of styles is an encouraging development, since it allows people to express their distinctive style in their own unique manner.

Are you as successful as a model when it comes to tattoos? Did your artwork have any impact on your professional life? Were there any unfavourable responses to your work?

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