Tips and Tricks for Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Tips and Tricks for Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Naturally, creating a LinkedIn profile, filling it out, and then leaving it alone won't help you find employment. Additionally, you need to be active on social media. A pleasant and professional image must be presented, even when being active can entail sharing funny memes.

Organize Your Current Accounts

Social media can be humorous, to be sure, but it's also critical to present yourself in the best (and most professional) light possible. Utilize your social media accounts to provide a positive, hireable, and likable image of yourself. Make sure your current social media accounts are appropriate for work by carefully going over them.

Remove or conceal any previous posts or shady images. Alternately, take it a step further and make distinct profiles for each of your professional interests. Your professional headshot should be included on these profiles, and all of your articles should be about your job or other topics related to your line of work.

Yourself on Google

So, once you've cleaned up your online presence or made new profiles, Google your name to see what shows up. Enter your name and all variations of it, such as nicknames and standard misspellings. Try to correct any errors or glaring mistakes you detect before a potential employer does. If an employer Googles your name, you'll hopefully have something credible and pertinent appear.

How to Conduct a Job Search Using Social Media? It's time to start utilizing your profiles to connect with new employees now that they are polished and prepared to use. To leave a lasting impression, you must use social media wisely and professionally. See how you can use social media for job looking with this advice.

Acknowledge Important Successes

It's time to let yourself (and your abilities) shine now that you have established your professional social media sites! Have you recently received a new certification? Consider adding it to your LinkedIn profile and spreading the word on Twitter! Have you completed a side project connected to your line of work? Post the pictures online using Instagram. Use social media to interact with employers, look for employment, and emphasize the unique qualifications that hiring managers and recruiters are seeking.

Remain Silent

Although "bragging" about your achievements has some merit, you don't want to make it known to everyone that you're looking for work, especially your current employer. Make sure you aren't letting your current company know that you are "actively searching" for a new job by checking your privacy settings several times. Also, take into account the relationships you have with existing employees on social media.

Improve Your Website

According to studies, the vast majority of hiring managers research prospective employees online before ever calling them in for an interview. Having a website that serves as your online portfolio may make sense depending on the type of career you have. Consider adding some work examples to your LinkedIn page instead of creating a personal portfolio website if it feels like too much work or is potentially excessive for your industry. Though less individualized than a personal website, it serves the purpose.

Work on your homework

Naturally, you may visit a company's website directly to learn more about who they are and what they do. But you should also look at their social media pages and any other websites where you might be able to locate them. Read their blogs, postings, and tweets to get a feel for the style and subject matter of their writing. Much more so than with a static web page, a company's social media posts may teach you a lot about it. Keeping up with the business on social media might also be helpful if you get a call for a job interview because you'll have more recent information to draw from.


Utilizing social media as a tool for networking is a terrific method to maintain contact with people who can assist you, raise the profile of others in your network, and establish deep ties in a virtual setting. However, keep in mind that using social media in the network shouldn't be about creating as many contacts as you can. Don't forget to assist your network when networking on social media. Do not forget to "like" and "share" content that has been written or contributed by others. Be sure to compliment them on their achievements.

Create Groups

While you're at it, joining groups is a fantastic method to grow your social media network. Let's take the scenario where you want to work remotely. Join some Facebook or LinkedIn groups that are dedicated to locating and obtaining a remote position (like the LinkedIn community for My jobs centre).

Upgrading Your Knowledge

Additionally, you can use your social media accounts to learn more about the sector. While there is no doubt that you can learn something new from using social media in general, particular platforms, such as Twitter, can be an incredible resource for the most recent news and information for any business you can imagine. Simply enter terms that are relevant to you and see what results appear. Follow those who frequently remark on your line of work, and check in frequently to get the newest information.

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