How to Get Assistance With Your Job Search

How to Get Assistance With Your Job Search

Be Particular

Asking for assistance from your professional and social networks is one of the finest ways to discover help with your job search. Though declaring "I need help" is a good place to start, being more precise in your request will help you receive it.

For instance, it's acceptable to ask someone to examine your CV, but you might not get the feedback you need to advance it. Instead, request focused criticism that focuses on a certain section (or sections) of your resume. Are you attempting a job shift and seeking feedback on how effectively you have framed your transferable skills? Do you require assistance locating errors? You can obtain the input you require by identifying and clearly stating what you need. Similar to how being upfront with your network about your job search is an excellent place to start, be clear about the kind of help you require. Do they work in the industry you want to enter? Would you like to interview them for informative purposes to learn more about their job? Are you trying to find a mentor to help you advance in your career? To contact the proper individual and further your job hunt, be specific in your request.


In addition to using your current networks, reaching out to new organizations and resources can help your job hunt. For instance, alumni organizations support graduates, regardless of when they attended the institution. A great place to brush up on existing computer skills or learn new ones is your local library.

Additionally, it's a terrific location to find paid subscriptions that can benefit in your company research (but for free!) Additionally, you can visit live and online job fairs and publish your CV to the state employment bank. Utilizing these sometimes underutilized and ignored sites will help your job hunt.

Join a job club

Job clubs are unofficial associations of job searchers who assist one another in various ways. This includes exchanging contact details and advice on job searching, giving input on cover letters and resumes, and assisting members with their interview preparation by conducting practice interviews. Job search clubs are an example of a club that is more general (remote work job clubs). You may connect with job clubs using the searchable directory on CareerOneStop.

Hire an Expert

Sometimes, if it fits your budget, hiring a professional is the best option. A career coach can provide you with unbiased criticism on all aspects of your job search, including your cover letter, resume, and interview responses. They are knowledgeable about the process and can help you before, during, and after your search. When You Need It, Get Help Even the shortest job searches might occasionally leave you feeling isolated. But reaching out to a strong network of family, friends, and others can help you persevere on difficult days and have a beneficial impact on your job search.

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