What the tips for finding the right job?

What the tips for finding the right job?

These days finding a job is more difficult than ever. There is so much competition, vacancies are scarce in many countries and salaries are often low.

Many times, we feel desperation to secure a job, therefore we feel obligated to accept the first job offer we get. It is a very understandable temptation, but one must try and resist. You need to trust your instinct, and if it is telling you that you deserve better, trust it, and keep searching for the right job for you.

A position may seem appropriate to you at first glance, but make sure you check out the company culture. This is highly recommended as it will give you a real taste how your life will be behind the closed company’s doors.

Doing this can be very simple. Talk to the company staff, doesn’t matter if they are currently working there or are active workers. Ask them about the culture of the organisation and their personal experience within it. You might feel embarrassed or weird approaching staff with such questions, however, a casual chat or asking threw social media can give you a surprising amount of useful insight and information.

You never know what a company is going through or what approach they have. Perhaps the management is known for its unorthodox approaches. It could be that they are in financial trouble, or it may be that they are thriving and at the top of their game. All these factors will contribute to your decision making and is important to know before signing any type of long-term contract.

Another possibility is researching online which will reveal further helpful insights, this includes company policies, staff profiles, business history, client relationships and reputation.

Try to check the frequency of staff turnover, this can be an indication of the workplace contentment, security, and stability where employees are concerned. Companies who are frequently having to replace staff is an indication that employees are not happy with the conditions within the workspace. Try to avoid these companies.

What some job seekers tend to forget is the opportunity a job interview holds. Don’t forget that you also can ask questions. This is the perfect way to find out more about specific questions you have about a company and their team, which you can’t find out in another way.

Remember – the position needs to be sold to you as much as you need to be sold to the position.

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