Things not to do at Work | A List of 10 Things which should never be a part of Your Workplace

Things not to do at Work | A List of 10 Things which should never be a part of Your Workplace

We spend a lot of time at work. It's essential that you have a comfortable and productive environment to work in. If you're working in an environment with toxic people then you're not going to be productive. We are not telling you to go and be a goody-two-shoes but there are certain things that shouldn't be a part of your working life.

Here are things that should never be a part of your workplace.

● Makeup reasons for not going to work.

● Blame someone else for the reason you are not going to work

● Visit social sites in the office

● Gossip about other employees in the office

● Visit dating sites at the office

● Other employees' personal belongings

● Chatting about your personal life

● Disrespect for the office property

● Don't take credit for someone else's work.

● Don't waste time when you should be working.

● Don't be late to work.

If you're not careful, the little things you do at work can have a big impact on your career.

Here are some things to avoid if you want to stay on track:

1. Don't be late. It's not just about being punctual

It's also about being reliable. If you can't be counted on to show up on time, your boss will start to question your commitment to the job.

2. Don't complain.

No one likes a complainer, and it's especially off-putting at work. If you're unhappy with something, try to find a constructive way to address it instead of just complaining to anyone who will listen.

3. Don't gossip

Gossiping is unprofessional and can create an unpleasant work environment. If you have something negative to say about a coworker, keep it to yourself.

4. Don't slouch

Slouching conveys a lack of confidence, and it's not a good look in the office. Sit up straight and project an air of authority – it'll make a good impression on your boss and your coworkers.

5. Don't forget to take breaks

It's important to stay focused and productive at work, but that doesn't mean you should work non-stop. Make sure to take breaks throughout the day to rejuvenate yourself. These simple tips will help you avoid potential career pitfalls and stay on the right track.

How these things affect your work and mental state?

There are many things that can negatively affect your work performance and productivity. One of the most obvious is distractions. Taking up your time and attention will inevitably impact your work if you allow things that should never be a part of your workplace, such as personal phone calls, texts, or social media.

Another way that things that should never be a part of your workplace can affect your work is by causing stress and anxiety. If you're constantly worrying about things that are out of your control, or if you're constantly surrounded by negativity, it's going to be very difficult to stay focused and motivated.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you allow into your workplace. If you want to be productive and successful, you need to be mindful of the things that can potentially hinder your performance. By making sure that only positive, productive things are a part of your work life, you'll set yourself up for success.


We hope you enjoyed our list of things not to do at work. We hope that you found the list interesting and perhaps that it gave you some ideas of things to watch out for in your own workplace. If you have a comment or a question about any of the items on the list or the points we made, please get in touch with us by visiting My Jobs Centre. If you would like to read our other posts, please visit our career page here My Jobs Centre.

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