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Explore Careers by Field

Occupational Specializations

The ability to choose the right employment and make an informed career choice demands relevant and trustworthy information about the opportunities accessible in a certain sector.

Many young professionals rush into a job path only to learn later that the path they chose does not enable them to achieve their personal, intellectual, and financial goals. This is especially true for women and people of colour.

Below, you'll find detailed job descriptions, education and training requirements, work activities and environment, salary potential, and personal qualifications for each position.

Careers in the Business and Finance Sectors

Entrepreneurship and management vocations are among the most rapidly rising and in-demand of all occupations.

One reason for this is because business experts are required in almost every sector that exists today, which is one of the primary reasons for this.
Business professionals work in a variety of fields, including health care administration, financial analysis, entertainment management, retail marketing experts, sales reps, and restaurant consulting, to mention a few. They also operate their own businesses.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of business jobs is the compensation.
Successful business professionals are among the highest-paid professions in the world. They are also among the most sought-after.
Business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs may easily earn more than $150,000 per year in salary and benefits.

Make your choice from the list of business specialisations below to get started on your business career exploration. You'll discover thorough information on employment outlooks, current 2018 wages, and training needs for a career in business once you've made your option.
You should take your time and go through all of the information we give in order to choose which business profession is best for you.

Accounting and auditing are two different things.

Accountants and auditors are responsible for the preparation, examination, and analysis of financial accounts and records.
In order to guarantee that financial accounts are correct and that firms pay their taxes, it is their responsibility to do so.
Financial analysts also assess the efficiency of financial operations and establish financial management plans.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Account Executive (Account Manager)

Account executives, sometimes known as sales managers, are responsible for generating new business for companies and maintaining connections with existing customers.
In addition, they do data analysis and establish sales and marketing plans.
121,100 dollars for a bachelor's degree

Accounting specialists who study and calculate the financial consequences of uncertainty and risk are known as actuaries or actuarial analysts.
The complex statistics, mathematics, and financial theory used by actuaries allow them to evaluate risk and reduce the cost of risk to their customers.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Managers in the fields of advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales

Advertising, marketing, and sales managers devise strategies to build interest in a product, service, or organisation via the use of various media.
They collaborate closely with one another as well as with art directors, marketing agents, and other members of the team.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Analyst in charge of the budget
Budget analysts assist organisations and enterprises (both private and public) in the organisation and management of their financial resources.
They are in charge of keeping track of and managing institutional expenditures, as well as generating reports.
Bachelor's degree is worth $72,200.

Claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators are all types of claims professionals.
Those engaged in the process of analysing insurance claims submitted by claimants, such as claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Estimators of Costs
Cost estimators are college graduates that gather information and do research to estimate the amount of money, time, labour, and materials needed to manufacture a product.
Bachelor's degree (63,100 dollars)

Economists study the production and distribution of scarce resources, such as products and services, in order to determine their value.
Among their responsibilities are data collection and analysis, evaluation of different current economic challenges, and trend analysis.
Master's degree is a postgraduate qualification.

A financial analyst and advisor is someone who analyses and advises on financial matters.
A financial analyst is a professional who provides investment advice and services to companies and individuals.
They provide their customers with an assessment of the performance of stocks, bonds, securities, and other assets.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Managers in charge of finances
Financial managers are in charge of ensuring that an organisation or department's financial health is in good standing.
They provide financial reports, devise financial and investment strategies, and devise methods for achieving long-term financial objectives, among other things.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Sales Representatives in the financial services industry
Securities and commodities sales agents are responsible for bringing together buyers and sellers in order to make deals involving financial services and goods, which may include stocks, bonds, and commodities.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Accountants that specialise in forensic accounting
Forensic accountants conduct an investigation into a company's financial accounts and often submit their findings in civil or criminal court proceedings.
The average salary for a bachelor's degree is


Managers of Human Resources

Human resource managers are in charge of recruiting new workers, conducting job interviews, and employing the most qualified people for each position available.
Bachelor's degree is worth

$110,100 dollars.

Specialist in human resource management, recruitment, and labour relations
Personnel professionals in the fields of human resources, recruiting, and labour relations seek, interview, and employ job prospects.
They are also engaged in the orientation of new employees.
for a bachelor's degree


Agent in the insurance industry
For insurance firms, insurance sales agents are in charge of creating new business in order for the company to remain profitable.
They act as a liaison between customers and insurance providers.
They assist people in determining whether or not the appropriate insurance policies and/or combination of insurance products are available to fulfil their requirements.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Underwriter in the Insurance Industry

Insurance underwriters are responsible for determining whether or not to issue an insurance policy, as well as the terms and conditions of the policy.
Insurance applications are also reviewed by them, and the coverage limits and rates are determined by them.
Bachelor's degree is worth


Investment Banker is a job title that describes a person who works in the financial services industry.
Investment bankers provide advice to organisations on financial strategy for obtaining capital, and they are often in charge of securing investment funds for corporate clients.They serve as portfolio managers, purchasing and selling assets in order to make a profit.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Officer in Charge of Loans
Loan officers assist individuals and companies in obtaining loans.
They assess the credit quality of applicants and determine whether or not to accept loan applications for individuals and corporations.
Bachelor's degree

(64,700 dollars)

Managing Analyst and Management Consultant
Management analysts and consultants assist firms and organisations in identifying and implementing strategies to enhance operations, general management, and operational efficiency, amongst other things.
Their objectives are often to assist businesses in reducing expenses and increasing profits.
Bachelor's degree

(equivalent to $82,450)

Planners of meetings and conventions
Meeting, convention, and event planners are in charge of overseeing the organisation and execution of all parts of conferences, events, and meetings.
They must choose locations, make transportation arrangements, and prepare all of the intricacies of a special event from start to finish.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Advisor on Personal Financial Matters

Individuals and families seek the guidance of personal financial advisers on matters such as financial planning and investment.
They assist customers with retirement planning, tax preparation, and insurance decision-making.
Bachelor's degree is worth


Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and Purchasing Agents are all members of the purchasing team.
Purchasing managers, agents, and purchasers find and obtain things for firms that will be resold or used by the company in question.
They must examine suppliers, check product quality, and negotiate contracts as part of their work responsibilities.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Real estate appraisers and assessors are professionals who value and assess real estate.
A real estate appraiser or an assessor is someone who determines the value of real estate, which might include commercial structures, residential dwellings, and land.
Appraisers work for a variety of organisations including banks, mortgage lenders, insurance firms, and as independent consultants.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

Broker in the Real Estate Industry
Real estate agents assist their customers in finding suitable rental or buy homes.
They also represent sellers who are looking for buyers or tenants to represent them.
a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification

Agent in the Real Estate Industry
Real estate sales agents operate in conjunction with licenced real estate brokers to acquire and sell residential, commercial, and industrial real estate in the United States.

a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
Sales agents in the securities, commodities, and financial services industries are responsible for bringing sellers and purchasers of securities and commodities together in order to complete deals.
They often market financial goods to both consumers and businesses.
Bachelor's degree is the highest level of education.

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