5 Reasons why your CV is holding you back

5 Reasons why your CV is holding you back

Many people will ask us, "Why didn't my resume get the attention of more recruiters?"

The answer to this question is not found in your resume, but in the employer's factors which lead to their hiring decision.

The best way to explain how these factors affect hiring decisions and answer your questions is to use the following example to illustrate why your resume is not the only thing you need to find a job.

Information on your cv is not backed up in your interview.

A resume can promise a certain level of character or values ​​that will allow you to pass an interview, but once you meet the hiring manager, that level of worth should be clear.

Spend twice as much time preparing your resume to prepare for an interview. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass in rounds 1 and 2 of the job interview. Recruiters can tell if you're not ready and haven’t prepared properly for it. If the recruiter can tell that you have been preparing for the interview, your chance to get the job is higher, as you went the extra mile for them.

Remember, a good resume is a good start on the road to a great personal brand. However, this is only a small fraction of a well-established job seeker. Strive to create a cover letter and online presence that cannot be ignored.

Also, to impress recruiters, you need to maintain a professional presence on LinkedIn and social media. A recruiter will often search your online presence to learn more about you.

This means that they must be well presented and well cared for. You want to look professional in every aspect of your personal brand.

Lack of work-related experience

Even if you don't have the experience required for the job that you're applying for, you can overcome this in other ways.

In your cover letter highlight your achievements and try to include many similar projects which are related in the area you are looking to work in, this may work in your favor. This will be a testament to your worth in terms of achievements that recruiters want to know.

Also, if you think you qualify, you can convince recruiters of your worth by selling yourself in your cover letter or interview in the best possible way, even if you don’t have all the experience and skills. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare well and go the extra mile.

Not enough branding on your cv

Incorporating known corporate brand names into your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile will help you stand out on paper and online. A well-known brand will help recruiters determine your worth, which is an advantage, especially since recruiters tend to overlook many aspects of your resume. Known brands will stand out and make a recruiter read twice, rather than overlook your experience.

This is especially important if you have no experience working in the country you’re applying too. If you've ever worked for a multinational corporation abroad, it will help you solve this problem!