How to Use LinkedIn to Engage Others

How to Use LinkedIn to Engage Others

According to the website, LinkedIn is "the world's largest professional network" with approximately 800 million registered users in more than 200 countries. When trying to choose the best approach to use this potent social media tool, those statistics alone can be daunting.

How can you use LinkedIn to your greatest advantage when it comes to proactively identifying and then taking full advantage of your networking chances with so many people, locations, and possible online connections? Your LinkedIn profile could be ineffective if you don't consistently attempt to get the attention of people who can help you with your job search.

1. Utilize keywords

However, recruiters need to know what you do in order to find you among the sea of profiles. By using relevant keywords in your profile, you can draw recruiters' attention to the particular professional abilities you have to offer.

2. Compose strategic suggestions

When seeking expert references for your own profile, take into account the reciprocity technique. In other words, get in touch with a few people in your network that you've worked closely with and ask them to write recommendations for you without asking them to do the same for you. You might be shocked when people offer to recommend you on your own profile page. By using this strategy, you can avoid having to send the website's potentially infuriating "Will you endorse me?" emails.

3. Using the Profile Headline to Make Target Connections

On LinkedIn, users want to connect with other users who either share their interests or have the skills they need to complete a certain task. To professionally position yourself and target those who are looking for the services you provide, you might use the title of your LinkedIn profile.

4. Display Your Identity Through a Background Image

Wiacek adds that the background image behind your profile photo another free feature of LinkedIn that he thinks is frequently underutilized can help you strengthen your brand. If you do have a backdrop image, does it just serve as a decorative element say, a skyline from some random, lovely city or does it serve to further your values and brand? Wiacek enquires.

"For instance, if you're the director of a global NGO, perhaps it's a picture of you working with teams overseas, or at the very least, a picture of the world. something that prompts reflection in the viewer. Are you a creative professional? If so, does your backdrop image match your level of creativity, or does it fall short?

5. Enable Status Updates

By turning on LinkedIn's "status updates" option, you can alert others in your professional network to the fact that you are looking for a new position or opportunity. When you edit your profile, this function notifies your network, letting them know that changes have been made.

6. Take part in discussions in groups

You may probably find people talking about any industry you specialize in on LinkedIn. Make a relevant contribution to the topic rather than remaining silent and simply reading your peers' ideas without comment. This will establish you as a subject-matter authority and make it easier for people to begin to recognize you.

7. Article Sharing

Sending a pertinent article on LinkedIn to a specific influencer you'd like to engage with in relation to your job search is an option. Before providing a link, make sure to ascertain the kinds of information your contact is interested in receiving. To demonstrate your interests and level of experience in a certain field, you may also think about sending your entire network links to pertinent articles.

8. Display Thought Leadership

You can publish articles, leave intelligent comments, submit PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and publications, as well as display your patents.

For instance, it will automatically show the most current few postings and trim the job description to only the first few lines of text for each of those jobs. The person reading or viewing your profile will have the choice to broaden the view and see more information. By encouraging others to engage with and view your profile during a job hunt, you may actively increase the value of your LinkedIn presence.

Get Involved to Land a Job

You may target the proper contacts, develop relationships, showcase your abilities to potential employers, and open doors to new opportunities by improving your LinkedIn profile.

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