Body Language Tips for a Video Interview

Body Language Tips for a Video Interview

Different preparation is needed for a successful video interview as opposed to a phone or in-person interview. Make sure your background is appropriate for an interview, check your technology for bugs, and choose a great interview attire that includes pants. Even though you'll probably be in the comfort of your own home, you can still have anxiety.

Additionally, if you're anxious, the recruiting manager may misinterpret your body language. Your goal in any interview should be to project confidence, friendliness, and positivity, but how you do that in a video interview will differ from how you do it in person. The following seven suggestions can assist you in being conscious of your body language during a video interview.

1. Keeping eye contact

Any interview requires you to look directly at the interviewer. However, some candidates for jobs can find it difficult to know precisely where to gaze when they are speaking in a video interview. Make an effort to gaze towards the camera rather than your computer screen when recording. It appears as though you are paying attention to someone or anything else if you are looking somewhere else, even at the interviewer.

To stave off the urge to look at yourself, hide your "self-view." Place a sticky note with the words "look here" close to the camera as a reminder if you have problems remembering to look into the lens. Having said that, it's acceptable to occasionally break eye contact, just like you would during a face-to-face interview.

In addition to being unpleasant, constant staring might appear hostile and dangerous. In order to avoid giving the hiring manager the impression that you are chatting to someone else or searching for the answer to a tricky interview question, if you do need to look away from the camera (for example, to check your calendar), let them know what you are doing.

2. Sit up straight

Being erect during your interview demonstrates that you are attentive, interested, and engaged. Slouching in your seat can come off as unprofessional and a bit too casual, which suggests that you are not genuinely engaged in the job. Put a little, invisible pillow under your seat if you feel like you might start to sag. You'll be able to sit up straighter and concentrate better.

3. Engage

The typical reaction to someone saying something intriguing is to lean in closer. However, you can only lean in so far during a video interview before appearing to the interviewer as little more than a huge eyeball. Lean in while the hiring manager speaks when you feel it's appropriate to do so, but don't lean too far. During a video interview, leaning forward a few inches usually suffices to convey attention.

4. Use modest gestures

Many people use hand gestures to illustrate their stories or make their points when speaking. However, most people are unaware of how frequently they use their hands or the size of their movements. It can come out as frightening or tense if you regularly use your hands or make large movements.

You can and should gesticulate while you answer questions in your video interview. After all, no one is expecting you to remain still throughout your video interview, and it would appear unusual if you didn't occasionally make a gesture. Just make sure to limit it as much as possible.

5. Avoid crossing your legs or arms.

You might be inclined to fold your arms in front of you to try and stop yourself from waving frantically. Unfortunately, it will either make you appear hunched up and uncomfortable or walled off and upset. Keep both feet firmly planted on the ground because it is not the impression you want to give. This will make you appear approachable and interested.

Additionally, you won't be in danger of shifting, uncrossing, and recrossing your legs, which could give off the impression that you are bored or agitated. As long as you don't fidget, you can place your hands in your lap (twiddle your thumbs, tap your legs). As an alternative, you can rest your hands comfortably on the armrests or at your sides.

6. Nod When Required

You don't want to interrupt your interviewer while they are discussing the corporate culture with a loud, "That sounds wonderful!" The art of the nod enters into this situation. In order to establish a connection with your interviewer and demonstrate that you are paying attention to what they are saying, you should nod as they talk. But don't think you have to nod all the time. Keep your nodding natural; do it just enough to let the interviewer know you are paying attention and participating in what they are saying, but not so much that it makes you appear silly or unauthentic.

7. Smile

The best technique to convey friendliness and approachability is by smiling. A potential employer may be turned off when someone tries to fake a smile because it can come across as false. So, when it feels appropriate, grin during your job interview. It has been demonstrated that smiling when you speak can make you sound friendlier and also give your voice an optimistic tone. Additionally, smile and chuckle if your interviewer says something amusing!

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