Best place to find jobs online

What about job boards?

Of course, you should continue to pursue more conventional means of job search: you never know when an opportunity may present itself. The goal of this post is to begin you thinking more deeply and broadly about your job hunt.

There's no harm in sending your information to employment sites with specificity on the kind of opportunities you're looking for. The sites will then send you email alerts whenever anything matching your criteria becomes available.

It's good signing up for a couple of them so you don't miss out on any fantastic possibilities, but keep in mind that this might cause your inbox to fill up quickly.

Check out our page on student employment websites for additional information on which job sites to visit. Also, avoid unregulated websites such as Gumtree, which often feature a slew of deceptive and occasionally deadly work 'opportunities' (especially for women).

Always be on the lookout for scam possibilities and keep in mind that your safety is much more vital than getting work. If anything seems to be too wonderful to be true...

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