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Top 10 Senior Part-Time Jobs

1. expert advisor

If you like your job but want to spend less time at it, consulting may be for you. Utilize your knowledge, network, and experience by working part-time for your previous company or other firms in your sector.

Variable pay is the median. To determine your rate, divide your previous pay by the number of hours worked. Remember to include your health and retirement benefits, as well as paid time off, in your calculations.

Working as a consultant may pay more per hour than working as an employee, particularly if you are a senior with the expertise and experience that organizations want.

2. Tutor

Retired teachers have the educational knowledge and expertise to assist students in learning difficult courses, improving grades, and preparing for examinations such as the SAT, among other milestones. There are additional flexible career opportunities for retired teachers besides tutoring.

Average Hourly Wage: $18.07

3. Athletic Trainer

Want to share your passion for sports with a new generation of aspiring athletes while staying active? Coaching may be right for you. Pay is often low — a few thousand dollars every season — but if you need some additional money and like working outside, working as an athletic coach might be ideal for you.

Average Hourly Wage: $15.72

4. Tax Preparation

If you have an accounting background and like to do your work early in the year, tax preparation might be the part-time employment for you. Tax preparers often work long hours throughout tax season, which lasts until about April 15. The remainder of the year, their schedules will be lighter.

Average Hourly Wage: $14.08

5. Accountant

Bookkeepers must be familiar with accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, both PC and cloud-based versions, as well as Microsoft Excel. They must also have a sharp eye for detail and the interpersonal skills to effectively convey needs to clients/employees.

Average Hourly Wage: $18.18

6. Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billers and coders convert healthcare services into diagnostic codes for billing purposes. Medical bills are also prepared, sent, and tracked to patients and insurance companies. It should be noted that this position requires certification, with some firms preferring individuals with an associate degree.

Average Hourly Wage: $16.91

7.Representative of Customer Service

Customer service positions are constantly available, and many of them allow you to work from home. If you're skilled at interacting over the phone or via chat software and don't mind calming folks down when they're not at their best, this position may allow you to work from home part-time.

Median Pay: $17.23/hour

8.Virtual Assistant 

If you previously worked as an administrative assistant and are familiar with computers, a virtual assistant position may help you transform your talents into a new part-time employment. Virtual assistant positions don’t necessary need a degree, but they do demand good writing abilities and experience working with and understanding software applications like Microsoft Office or online platforms such as Slack. You must also be organized, detail-oriented, and capable of working under pressure and under continuously shifting deadlines.

Average Hourly Wage: $16.06

9. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If you own a dog and used to work full-time, you know how difficult it was to ensure your canine companion received his daily exercise and avoided accidents. Dog walkers work the day shift so that employees do not have to rush home at the end of the day. If you like cats or are an equal-opportunity animal lover, pet sitting while customers are away is a terrific way to earn some money in your pocket.

Consider utilizing pet-sitting and dog-walking apps like Rover and Wag to locate work.

Average Hourly Wage: $15.05

10.. blogger

Writing or maintaining a blog, maybe the ideal work-from-home profession, requires no school prerequisites or formal training. You just need a good command of the English language and a basic understanding of technology to learn how to utilize different content management systems.

If you're a subject matter expert, you may get your foot in the door by accumulating clips in online magazines in your specialty. Just don't get too comfortable writing for free. The sooner you can turn your expertise into money, the sooner you can start your freelance blogging career.

Average Hourly Wage: $15.03

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