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What companies look for in jobseekers with work experience

Employers commit time and money to ensure that students who work for them have a great experience. They meticulously examine year 12 work experience applications in order to identify students who are eager to complete a placement with their firm or organization. Here are some characteristics that companies look for in new students:

Punctuality: Good timekeeping is essential in the workplace. Arrive on time for work and other scheduled activities.

Smart presentation: You are representing the company throughout your work experience placement, therefore dress accordingly depending on the dress code of your placement.

A desire to learn: If you maintain a good attitude at work, you may discover that employees are more eager about sharing their skills and expertise.

Employers are seeking for happy and engaged students who are making an effort to interact with their job experience, in addition to a desire to learn. Maintain an optimistic outlook during your placement.

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