Why am I scared of my first job?

5 Reasons You’re Nervous About a New Job

Feeling anxious about starting a new job? It's all good. The word "new job" is thrilling for the majority of people who are looking for employment since it denotes the possibility of gaining new abilities, broadening one's network, and enhancing one's résumé. However, adapting to change may also be nerve-wracking. You are not the only one who will experience anxiety upon starting a new job. Anxiety over starting a new job is quite normal, but it can be overcome.

It's possible that some aspects of looking for a job might be even more nerve-wracking than hearing things go bump in the night. Monster conducted a survey in the United States, and the results showed that the majority of respondents (38 percent) said they were most afraid of interviews. However, 33 percent of respondents said they might not even make it that far because they are afraid their resume will "disappear into a black hole on the Internet" when they apply for jobs. Other concerns arise at the conclusion of the job search process and include negotiating a pay (16 percent of respondents) and getting rejected for a job offer (14 percent of respondents) (13 percent ). In addition to that, what if you obtain a new job and you really despise it?

Therefore, despite the fact that job search anxiety is a reality for a lot of individuals, you can't allow it derail your career. If you discover that you are so anxious about a new job that you are having trouble putting your wheels in motion to start your job hunt, it may be time to tackle your anxieties. If this describes your situation, read on.

After all, the passage of time cannot be slowed down or stopped. Why waste so much time feeling unhappy, unchallenged, underpaid, and unloved when you might be doing something more productive with that time?

The next article will provide you with some suggestions on how to overcome your anxieties and five reasons why you may be afraid to seek a job.

1. You're Afraid of Leaving Your Current Employer in the Lonely Position

You find yourself wondering, "What will they do without me?" The idea of letting down your employer or going without providing them with any assistance while they are swamped with work is devastating if you are a dedicated worker.

It's fantastic that you have commitment to your job, but what about your dedication to your professional path? You have a responsibility to watch out for your own professional development and the advancement of your career.

Confront your anxiety and strive to perform at your highest level up to the very last second of your job. You'll be able to leave the workplace with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you gave this job your very best effort each and every day.

2. You Are the Product of What You Do

Many individuals are reluctant to look for new employment opportunities because they associate their sense of self-worth and identity with their present place of employment. Naturally, the concept of transferring to a new work might give you the impression that you are undergoing a change in your identity, which can be just as disconcerting as if you were to look in the mirror and see the face of someone else instead of your own. But keep in mind that your job is not necessarily who you are; rather, it is what you do.

Confront your anxieties: Get a deeper understanding of who you are before you make a jump. Learn about your capabilities and ask yourself what you can bring to the table as well as what you want to bring to a business. Self-affirmation is a straightforward method that may be used in this regard. You are not only defined by your work title. You are a multifaceted and well-rounded individual who have hobbies, wider attributes, and a variety of talents.

3. You Have Some Concerns It's Possible That You Won't Enjoy Your New Job.

Feeling anxious about starting a new job due to the unknown? The proverb that "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know" is absolutely correct, isn't it? Even if you despise your work right now, there's no guarantee that you wouldn't be even more unhappy in a different one.

When you have a job that you dislike, it's tempting to think that this is simply the way things are in the working world. Long hours, difficult managers, and demanding customers are all things that come with the territory. However, when things are not going well, it is important to pay attention to logic and look for something more favorable.

Confront your anxieties: There are a lot of individuals who don't despise their work; in fact, there are a lot of people who truly like what they do for a living. Therefore, the best way to calm your new-job fear and overcome your ignorance is to conduct some study about different businesses. Conduct informative interviews with various people. Research the unique benefits that other companies provide for their employees. Participate in an online networking event to make connections with individuals who are employed by various businesses and to inquire about the satisfaction level of their employment. It's possible that your worst fears are grounded in reality, just like the boogeyman.

4. You Are Certain That You Will Not Be Able to Succeed

Do you attribute all of your successes to good fortune and struggle with an ongoing dread of failure or the worry that you will be found out to be a fraud? This notion has the potential to lead even the most intelligent and capable professional down a rabbit hole of hopelessness.

Be aware that you do not stand alone. There are a lot of individuals that struggle with impostor syndrome.

Confront your anxieties: If you are anxious about starting a new job, one easy method to overcome self-doubt is to carefully study job descriptions for the function that you see yourself doing in the ideal workplace. Investigate the responsibilities that are involved and the necessary abilities. Consider the following question: "What talents am I applying in my present work that are transferrable to the position I want?" What other talents might be beneficial for me to acquire?

You will be more able to evaluate your own talents and determine where you need extra learning and help if you are honest about your career to this point and conduct an honest evaluation of it.

5. You Absolutely Despise Being the New Kid at School

You're comfortable in your present employment. You are comfortable in your daily routine, you have a social circle, and you are aware of where to get the greatest coffee in the area. Leaving that comfort zone and trying to figure out the office politics among a new group of coworkers, not to mention figuring out where to have lunch, can be an extremely scary experience.

Confront your anxieties: Even if it is possible that the unknown can be distressing, reality almost never lives up to our expectations of how terrible it would be. How can you get over the dread of being the new kid on the block when you start a new job? It is time to get serious about expanding your social circle. Explore new places and try new things. Join several new organizations and clubs in your spare time. You will feel more at ease venturing out into the world in quest of a new job the more experience you have in interacting with new people and navigating the uncharted territory.

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