Which site is best for hiring employees?

Best Job Search Websites

The function of job websites is similar to that of traditional classified advertising in that they aggregate and list available local and remote employment opportunities. Using a job website, which often has millions of postings as well as supplementary tools such as career counseling, resume customization, and blog articles full of useful ideas, is one of the finest and most effective methods to look for and apply to hundreds of positions at once.

Before picking the top 10 job websites to use as a starting point for your search, we researched and evaluated over two dozen distinct job websites in order to identify the finest ones. Our selections were based on a variety of factors, including the ease with which each website could be navigated, its price, the sophistication of its features, the business sectors and user experience levels it catered to, and its general reputation.


My Jobs Centre

My Jobs Centre is accessible all around the world, and it is genuinely free, meaning that there are no fees or any costs associated with advertising employment opportunities and openings.

The website is also quite easy to use, and it won't take you nearly as much time as you may think to add your job listings to its ever-expanding database.

Find full or part-time jobs online. Use the ‘Find a job near me’ service to search and apply for jobs. Job ads and applicants can be efficiently managed and monitored with the Job Advertisement and Applicant Management in the Dashboard. My Jobs Centre Provides A Full Online Service For Anyone Looking For A New Job. Easy Application Process. CV Tips and Advice. Thousands of Jobs Added. Expert Career Advice. Types: Full-time, Part-time, Remote Working.

We specialise in matching candidates with jobs world wide. Our clients include recruitment agencies and employers across the world to bring you the latest full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary and contract jobs in industries ranging from healthcare and retail to construction, engineering, warehouse and driving etc.



Indeed was established in 2004 with the sole intention of assisting individuals in locating employment opportunities. Over 250 million people use the website on a monthly basis, and approximately 10 new job advertisements are placed there every single second, making it the biggest employment website in the world. Indeed was chosen as the greatest overall employment website owing to its size, the variety of sectors and lifestyles that it caters to, and its unequaled update frequency. Although being the largest job website does not necessarily guarantee that it is also the best.

Indeed publishes job postings for those seeking employment in any sector, at any level ranging from entry to executive, and in any lifestyle (freelance, part-time, internship, full-time). Candidates have the option to search for positions based on the job title, location, income range, posting date, and amount of experience required.

Indeed provides job searchers with an absolutely free service, and creating an account is not required. Signing up for an account, on the other hand, will enable you to get email notifications whenever new positions are listed, upload your resume in order to complete applications in a more expedient manner, and receive communications from recruiters and potential employers. Indeed also features a part with wage statistics as well as a section with business evaluations, allowing users to read honest thoughts about potential employers before applying for a post or accepting an offer. Indeed's user interface is very user-friendly and was developed to help the job search process go more quickly.



Monster, Inc. was established in 1994 with the mission of connecting talented individuals with businesses that are looking to hire them. At this time, Monster receives 29 new resume submissions in addition to 7,900 new job search inquiries each and every minute. 1 We chose Monster as the runner-up because, in spite of the fact that it is equivalent to Indeed in terms of quality and use, Monster provides fewer job search criteria and less opportunities than Indeed does.

Similar to Indeed, Monster's job search tools are completely free to use, and it caters to job seekers with a wide range of skill levels and work preferences (including freelance, temp, part-time, and full-time employment, among others). To submit an application for a job post on Monster, you will first need to make an account by entering your email address, although this step doesn't take very long and doesn't need much effort. There is no need to create an account in order to apply for jobs that connect to another website.

You will be able to store job postings and search queries once you have an account, and you will also be able to sign up to get email notifications whenever new opportunities are listed in the fields that are of interest to you. Candidates have the option of searching for employment based on region, business, and title; however, there is no ability to look for positions based on pay or amount of experience. In addition to its job search function, Monster offers makeovers for premium resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters for a fee ranging from $129 to $349. This service is in addition to the wage research and comparison tools that Monster provides.



Glassdoor was established in 2008 with the intention of providing millions of current and potential workers with wage transparency as well as honest business ratings. Today, Glassdoor has 110 million business reviews and insights, 2.1 million employers in its database, and 54 million unique visitors each and every month. Glassdoor is clearly the leader in terms of employer research and insights since job seekers can concurrently search for available positions and read thorough information about each company's culture, CEO, perks, and compensation statistics. This makes Glassdoor the obvious winner for employer research and insights.

You may begin your search on Glassdoor by creating a profile, uploading your CV, and signing up for email notifications to get curated lists of employment opportunities. These actions will allow you to get the most out of the website. You may also use the site's search box to look through the listings that are currently live. You will find information about the position and how to apply for it, a summary of the organization, anonymous ratings and reviews of the company and its CEO, as well as information about compensation and benefits, on each job post.

Job searchers have the option of visiting the Glassdoor profile of each employer to read in-depth evaluations written by employees and interviewees. These reviews may be a game-changer for job candidates as they prepare for interviews. Glassdoor does not charge job seekers any fees.



Sara Sutton, who was frustrated by the difficulties of finding authentic work-from-home jobs that were flexible and offered a degree of independence, founded FlexJobs in 2007. Since its inception, it has grown to become the most comprehensive website for manually vetted remote employment, with over 30,000 current postings coming from approximately 6,000 different businesses located all over the world. Because FlexJobs is so obviously committed to and specializes in working remotely, it is without a doubt the most qualified candidate for the title of top website for discovering remote employment.

Members of FlexJob get access to ads that have been screened by professionals in over 50 different categories, ranging from entry-level to executive positions. Members also get access to exclusive discounts and promotions on a variety of goods and services, including Intuit QuickBooks, Dell laptops, and professional career counseling, amongst others.

In order to apply to listings and have access to member discounts, FlexJobs charges a one-week membership fee of $9.95, a monthly membership fee of $24.95, a three-month membership fee of $39.95, and an annual membership fee of $64.95 for its services. FlexJobs leverages the money it makes from its subscription model to pay for the research that is necessary to verify the legitimacy of each opportunity that it adds to its database. Because of this, job searchers may have confidence that every listing on FlexJobs is genuine, which makes the platform a safer experience overall. In addition, FlexJobs will reimburse the cost of your membership within the first week if you decide that you are not happy with the service for any reason.

Job searchers are raving about how much time and effort they save using FlexJobs since the platform is free of scams and advertisements. People who are interested in finding possibilities but do not want to pay the monthly membership fee for FlexJobs may explore the opportunities listed on FlexJobs' sibling site, Remote.co, which is free but displays a far smaller number of jobs.



Ladders was established in 2003, and its primary mission is to provide users with screened job postings for opportunities that pay at least $100,000 annually. The company is also well known as "the home of $100K careers." At the moment, Ladders operates as a website for finding jobs, a newspaper for careers, and a platform for professional networking. Due to the fact that it focuses on putting job seekers in touch with high-paying jobs, we believe that Ladders is the finest website for experienced managers.

Ladders provides job listings for dozens of industries, such as finance, software engineering, digital marketing, human resources, data science, and industrial engineering for major companies such as Morgan Stanley, Google, and Cigna. Ladders also provides job listings for a variety of positions within those industries. When you first join up for Ladders, you will be asked to provide a list of the job titles in which you are most interested. After doing so, the Jobs page of Ladders will automatically provide you with job postings that are a match for the titles you specified. There are certain postings that do not need a paid membership to the site in order to apply, while others do.

A free basic membership is available to anybody interested in using Ladders. Ladders gives users a choice between many different subscription plans when purchasing a premium membership. If you pay for a membership, you will get access to all of the job listings, tailored job matches that will be delivered to your email, top placements on recruiter candidate lists, and information on other applicants who have submitted to the jobs you are interested in. Because of these advantages, Ladders is an excellent choice for job searchers who are serious about their search in highly competitive markets.



AngelList was established in 2010 with the intention of democratizing the processes through which companies get finance and employ talent. We chose AngelList as the best website for startup jobs for the following reasons: not only is it trusted by over 130,000 startups of all sizes (including some big names like Spotify and Slack), but AngelList also provides an unmatched level of transparency by providing candidates with salary ranges and equity options upfront, as well as information about key figures in the company. Because of these reasons, we believe AngelList is the best website for startup jobs.

AngelList is geared at job searchers in a range of IT fields, including online publishing, health and beauty apps, and finance, and it caters to both remote and local job hunters. Create a login for yourself and fill up your profile in order to apply for opportunities on AngelList. Your profile on AngelList acts as your résumé for any jobs that you apply for on the site. You are able to search for available jobs based on job title, location, and commitment level (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.).

AngelList will provide you with the name and title of the person who will be reviewing your application materials for each and every position to which you submit an application (in the case of small startups, this is often the CEO of the firm). You will need to compose a brief cover letter in which you explain why you are an excellent candidate for the post. Due to the fact that AngelList does not let applicants to upload external files such as PDFs or Word documents, all cover letters are required to be prepared inside the text box that is supplied by the site.

AngelList is a terrific method to start discussions and network with early-stage business owners, and it is absolutely free for job searchers to use. AngelList is also an excellent approach to get a job.



LinkedIn was first introduced to the public in 2003 and has since grown to become the biggest professional networking platform in the world. It now has 810 million registered members from all over the globe and in every industry. LinkedIn is a website that hosts digital resumes, acts as a directory for available positions, and facilitates social networking all in one convenient package. LinkedIn is the finest website for interacting directly with recruiters because, unlike the majority of other job websites, it enables you to add recruiters and other persons of interest to your virtual network. Other job websites do not provide this feature.

Because your LinkedIn profile acts as a public digital résumé and portfolio and is provided to recruiters after you have applied for a post, it is crucial to spend the time and effort necessary to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and search engine optimized. The creation of a LinkedIn profile and the browsing of opportunities are both free of charge; however, LinkedIn does offer a premium membership option that gives you access to additional features such as the ability to see who has viewed your profile, in-depth information on the other candidates who have applied for the listings you are interested in, and the ability to communicate with individuals with whom you are not yet connected.

After you have finished filling up your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to use it to apply for new opportunities and make connection requests (akin to friend requests on Facebook) in order to expand your professional network. Recruiters may send you direct messages about applying for particular positions if your profile is adequately optimized for search. This increases the likelihood that you will get such messages.



Getwork by LinkUp is a job search engine that was developed more than 20 years ago and employs patented technology to scour the internet for newly posted job ads. This results in a database of greater quality and an improved search experience for users who are looking for work. Getwork is the greatest option for job seekers who want to be among the first to apply for freshly posted chances since the company refreshes their listings of available jobs every single day.

Getwork is constantly updating its job postings in a variety of industries, including education, finance, healthcare, legal, marketing, and technology, among others. Users are not required to sign up for an account in order to peruse the site's extensive database of employment possibilities; this service is provided free of charge. Users who have created an account can save job listings for later use, sign up to receive job alert email notifications, and save their browsing history and search terms so that they can be replicated at any time and on any device. These features are only accessible after users have created an account and logged in.



2015 saw the beginning of Scouted, a company founded on the principle that individuals are more than the sum of their resumes. Companies who utilize Scouted to find new employees take a more holistic approach to the recruiting process. This strategy takes into consideration the personal characteristics of candidates in addition to more standard measures such as abilities and experience. Due to the unconventional matchmaking-style approach that it takes to the hiring process, Scouted is the finest employment website for recent college grads who are seeking for their first entry-level full-time career following graduation.

Your Scouted profile may be built by uploading a copy of your résumé, adding links to websites or portfolios (or other platforms like LinkedIn), and most crucially, responding to questions that are posed in the manner of a virtual interview. The platform says that applicants who answer the questions provided by Scouted have a 58 percent greater chance of being picked for an interview, despite the fact that responding to these questions is not needed.

After you have finished filling up your profile, you can go to the Find Jobs page to look through the available possibilities and click "apply" on any applicable ads. The proprietary software that Scouted uses functions as a matching service between you and the businesses to which you have applied by using the information in your profile as well as the responses you provided during interviews. You could be asked to participate in a first-round interview if it is determined that your qualifications are a good fit for the position. The usage of any and all of Scouted's job search capabilities is completely free.



Since its inception in the year 2000, Snagajob has been linking hourly workers with local employment, and it has since grown to become the most successful online marketplace for hourly labor. We picked Snagajob as the top site for those looking for hourly jobs because it has a large number of postings and an intuitive user interface. Snagajob has over 100 million registered job searchers and over 700,000 company locations.

The majority of the jobs posted on Snagajob are hourly positions in industries such as healthcare, customer service, hospitality, retail sales, and security, as well as food delivery. Job searchers have the choice of searching for full-time or part-time positions, and they can also limit the results of their search by those that are "Urgently Hiring."

Simply clicking the "Apply Now" link on the page will take you to the company's website where you can submit your application for any of the vacant positions that are listed on Snagajob. In addition, you may sign up with Snagajob.com. After registering, you will have the option to sign up to get email alerts whenever new job postings are added that are relevant to your interests. You also have the option of filling up your profile by including a brief bio, a picture of yourself, your availability, previous experience, education, and references. The usage of Snagajob is totally free of charge for anyone looking for work.

What exactly are employment websites?

Job search engines and databases are essentially what job websites boil down to at their most fundamental levels. Some companies also provide more expensive services to those looking for work, such as career counselling and cover letter writing. Online job boards are able to assist individuals of any level of education and experience in finding jobs in any industry. Anyone who is currently seeking for work should give serious consideration to utilizing a job website in order to locate and apply for the maximum number of suitable jobs feasible.

How Do Job Search Websites Function?

The majority of employment sites allow you to explore for free. To search for available jobs in your region, you need just enter in the title of the position you're looking for together with your zip code. However, in order to get full browsing and application capabilities on some employment sites, an up-front payment may be required. However, despite the fact that FlexJobs is a paid job board, there is no assurance that you will be able to find employment via the website.

After you have submitted your application for a job via an online job board, the person in charge of recruiting will go through your information and get in touch with you if they are interested. It is possible for companies to contact eligible prospects via various networks, such as LinkedIn, even if such individuals have not yet submitted an application for a job that is currently available with the firm.

How Much Do Job Websites Cost?

The vast majority of employment sites are available to job searchers at no cost, although many sites do demand paid memberships. Additional services, such as resume writing and optimizing a LinkedIn profile, may have prices in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Is It Worth It to Use a Website to Look for Employment?

Even while you may find possibilities via word of mouth, social media platforms, or corporate websites, it's never a bad idea to widen your search over as many channels as you possibly can. This will increase your chances of finding what you're looking for. It is impossible to predict when or where you will encounter your next opportunity. It is possible that you would not have been aware of some opportunities or businesses had it not been for the fact that job sites bring together thousands of available positions in a single, easily accessible location. Larger job sites cater to candidates in every sector, skill level, and geographic location, in contrast to more specialized or niche job sites, which may not be appropriate for all applicants. The majority may be tested out at no cost.

How We Chose the Top Websites for Employment Opportunities

Before deciding on our top selections, we looked at over a dozen different websites devoted to finding employment. We looked at the amount of listings, the convenience of use, the pricing, the advanced features, the industries and experience levels that were serviced, and the reputation of the sites to determine which ones were the best. When it comes to selecting the finest websites for employment, we believed that these are the most significant factors to take into consideration.

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