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12 High Paying Jobs You Can Get Without Experience In Canada

Whether you ask someone if they would want to make more money, you will nearly always get a hearty "hell yes!" as a response. Unfortunately for millennials, our cherished gig economy, in which we have several jobs, side hustles, and enterprises to bring in the cash, may all leave us susceptible to burnout.

If you want to be able to enjoy your weekends and have a life outside of your workplace, then you may want to think about pursuing one of these more conventional careers. In spite of the fact that the level of experience necessary to get one of these professions is quite minimal, they provide excellent wages along with the opportunity to earn much more over the course of time due to development.

I did some research on Indeed to find out which careers offered the most opportunity for advancement while requiring the fewest years of relevant work experience. There is a high paying job on this list that you can absolutely accomplish with little to no experience, whether you prefer to work outdoors in the fresh air, contact with the public, or you enjoy working in the office!

Without prior experience, the following are some of the top paid positions that may be obtained in Canada:


Up to 120,000 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

If you like talking to different kinds of individuals, recruiting is a fantastic industry to work in. They search via LinkedIn to discover the most qualified applicants for open positions, and then they aid businesses with screening and interviewing individuals. As a result of the fact that many of them take a commission or a portion of the worker's compensation, this position has the potential to be one of the highest paid jobs out there.


Up to 162 600 dollars might be earned annually on average as a salary.

Simply put, every firm that engages in the business of selling goods is required to operate as a Shipper, often known as a Shipper and Receiver. They are responsible for everything that enters and exits the building. They are really important to the success of any organization, and there aren't many requirements for getting in the door, which makes it a great career track for you if you're looking to make money without getting a ton of schooling or certifications. Because they are so important to the success of any organization, there aren't many requirements for getting in the door.


Up to 120,000 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

When it comes to real estate, the possibilities are almost endless. Although there are tests that need to be passed in order to receive your license, the amount of real work experience that is necessary for this position is minimal. In addition, if you are employed in a city with insanely high real estate values, such as Toronto or Vancouver, then you will have a really high potential for making more money.


Up to 132,000 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

Looking for a way to give back to the community you live in? You can do it if you work in the fire department! In addition to that, you will in all probability pick up a recipe for a fantastic firehouse chili...


Up to $71,500 might be made annually by way of salary on average.

As a landscaper, you will spend a lot of time outdoors, working with your hands, and fostering the growth of living things. If you suffer from allergies to dust, grass, or pollen, being a landscaper may be difficult for you. This is the sole disadvantage of the profession.

Driver of Public Transit

Up to 112,500 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

This might be a simple job or a challenging one, depending on the city or municipality in which you are headquartered. The good news is that not only do they have great benefits, but also great pay. If you're known within your circle of friends as the safest driver, you may want to think about working on a bus.


Up to $90 000 per year in salary is considered to be the norm.

If you have the stamina to work late hours, put up with loud music, and deal with customers who are often intoxicated, tending bar may be a very lucrative occupation. The base pay may not be all that impressive, but when you include in tips, the potential earnings are substantial. Additionally, if you work at a location that provides food, you are entitled to free meals.


Up to 112 100 dollars might be made annually as a median wage.

It won't be hard to get work as a receptionist if you're someone who doesn't mind being chained to a desk and engaging in conversation with members of the general public. This is the ideal career for persons who are well organized, creative in finding solutions to problems, and really enjoy being of service to others.

Worker on the Construction Site

Up to 110 000 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

Although there are construction positions that need training, the majority of construction jobs require very little experience, if any at all. This is a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money in a short amount of time if you like working with your hands and think you look good in steel-toed boots.

Transit Authority Police

Up to 142 700 dollars might be earned annually on average as a salary.

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement but are unsure how to get started, joining the transit police is a fantastic way to get experience in the field and get a feel for what it's like to do the job. There is very no expertise necessary at all, and you will be contributing to the safety of the general public!

Worker at a Warehouse

Up to one hundred thousand dollars a year in salary, on average.

Working at a warehouse calls for very little in the way of previous experience. Find a nice warehouse work with regular hours if you merely need to pay some expenses, and you'll be in excellent shape to make ends meet. Who could say? Who knows, maybe they'll give you a chance to operate the forklift one day!

The Professional Salesperson

Up to 110 000 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

When you were younger, did you run a lemonade stand of your own? Then the amount of experience required to enter a field like sales is about equivalent to that. A career in sales may be incredibly satisfying if you have the kind of personality that thrives in that environment.

Truck Driver

Up to 112,500 dollars in annual salary is considered to be the norm.

It's not the sexiest job in the world, but if you do well at it, you may earn a lot more money than if you worked as a barista. If you are the kind of person who never gets tired of driving and has always been inquisitive about trying it out on a professional level, then you should seriously consider becoming a truck driver before all trucks are driven autonomously by computers.

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