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Best Online Computer Courses To Get a Job in 2022

Millennials and members of generation Z will have an unprecedented number of options to pursue high academic degrees as a direct result of the current technological age. The majority of engineering students choose to take at least one course in the field of computer science. Now, classes in computing may be broken down into many different subfields. Your professional path may be determined by the classes you take and the major you choose. The demand for online computer courses is growing at a steady rate year after year due to the widespread use of digital technology throughout the nation.

Students who complete computer courses are eligible for extremely excellent salaries, which encourages younger students to pursue a career in computer science. The following is a list of the best online computer courses to get a job in 2020 to support a good career in the future. If you are having trouble deciding which program you should choose for post-graduation, or if you are currently employed and want to acquire high criteria for promotion, then the courses listed below are for you.

The Best Online Computer Courses to Help You Land a Job That Pays Well

Before we go into the list, it is important to note that there are many different kinds of online computer courses accessible, both short and long term. It is essential to evaluate your abilities and determine your areas of strength and weakness before selecting the appropriate computer course to further your profession. When traditional education alone is not enough to go ahead in today's highly competitive job market, learners who take computer classes online have an advantage.

1. Security online

When everyone conducts their financial transactions online, it is imperative that there be adequate cybersecurity. Statista forecasts that the field of cybersecurity will be the most in-demand occupational field in the year 2020. If you have an interest in the Internet, you could consider taking a course on cybersecurity. The customer conducts everything of their business, from the fin-tech industry to the eCommerce market, either online or via an app on their mobile device. It is essential to implement stringent cybersecurity measures in order to protect against theft, hacks, and ransomware that was not anticipated.

You have the option of completing a course on cybersecurity online, which will educate you on the dynamics of cyberattacks, assist you in recognizing potential dangers posed by the internet, and teach you how to protect yourself from such dangers. Throughout the duration of this class, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to evaluate technological hazards and comprehend how to implement preventative and predictive measures in order to protect yourself from a variety of various types of online dangers.

upGrad and IIIT-B may assist you in obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Software Development with a Specialization in Cyber Security if you are interested in pursuing a career in this field. This course provides students with the opportunity to specialize on application security, cryptography, data secrecy, and network security.

2. Data Science

According to a job ad that was found on LinkedIn, the number of data scientist positions in India is predicted to increase by more than 62 percent from 2019 to 2020, reaching approximately 150,000. Data scientists are in demand by a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, the aerospace industry, the oil and energy industry, and the marketing industry. Because data scientists with just three years of experience may earn up to Rs. 20,00,000 yearly, doing an online course in data science is one of the greatest ways to get a high paying career in the field of information technology.

Training in Data Science is provided via this course, which covers topics such as mathematics, statistics, Python, advanced statistics in Python, deep learning, and machine learning. This course will provide you with all of the tools that are necessary for you to become a competent Data Scientist. You will also get training in dispelling typical commands and misunderstandings based on the collected data.

upGrad offers some of the best classes available anywhere on the subjects of Data Science and Machine Learning & AI. In addition to receiving a comprehensive education in Data Science and ML/AI ideas through these classes, students are also given the opportunity to participate in real-world industrial projects and assignments.

You may also check out our Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning offered by the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. IIT Delhi is widely regarded as one of the country's most prominent educational institutes. With more than 500 or more in-house faculty members, all of them are considered to be experts in their fields.

3. Big Data Engineering

Big Data is a big collection of data that is processed and employed in a methodical manner in order to get knowledge. This is suggested by the name of the phenomenon itself. Big Data is playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses understand how customers are spending money online in this day, when most customers choose to do business online rather than in traditional settings.

In order to progress through the Big Data Engineering curriculum, you will be required to develop, maintain, assess, and test various Big Data solutions inside the organization. The major responsibility of a distinguished Data Engineer is the development of large-scale data processing systems. It would be beneficial if you also had an expert in data analyzing and storing systems who is able to deal with the most up-to-date data technologies such as R, MySQL, Python, NoSQL, and a variety of other options. It should come as no surprise that the highest average compensation for IT professionals is held by those who hold the position of senior renowned Data Engineer. They may make up to $146,000 yearly.

4. Data Analyst

In order to extract the relevant data from the unstructured pool of data, a Data Analyst is required to make use of the appropriate statistical methods and to think in a logical manner. You will need to assist the firms in doing qualitative research in order to provide structured data, which the organizations can then utilize to carry out their marketing, administrative, and manufacturing processes. Although it is closely connected to Data Science, there are several significant distinctions between the jobs of a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist.

Not nearly as much coding and programming is required of you in comparison to Data Scientists. On the other hand, you need to be familiar with the most recent data technologies and programming languages, such as Python, Ruby on Rails, R, MySQL, and a great deal of others. Glassdoor reports that the yearly salary range for a Data Analyst may range anywhere from $69,000 to as much as $105,000.

5. Big Data Analysis

Understanding the most recent market trends and gaining useful insights from massive data pools are both part of a data analyst's job description. You might be hired by a wide variety of businesses, including Fintech, to help them make more informed choices and improve their business procedures based on relevant Big Data. You may collect necessary data from a wide variety of online and offline activities, such as email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and a great many other sources.

Understanding the various approaches to data storage is necessary if you want to engage in Big Data Analysis. The strategy will also include the processing and analysis of the data, which will include transforming the data from an unstructured format to a structured one. The curriculum will train you in all of the skills necessary to analyze, process, manage, and store unstructured and organized data for usage in an organization. Indeed estimates that a Data Analyst might earn up to $139,000 per year for the jobs and responsibilities that fall within his purview.

5. Web Designing

The Web Designing course is the perfect one for you to take if you like looking at beautiful pictures. Creating stunning designs for the web, such as logos, site designs, web pages, brochures, and other visual and print media components, is an essential part of web design. In addition to the graphical aspect, you will need to become proficient in programming languages such as HTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, and maybe even more.

You also need to design websites for providing a better user experience and user interfaces in order to keep up with the surge in the popularity of mobile-first experiences. The web design curriculum is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the field, such as responsive web design, HTML, converting PSD files to HTML, and PHP. To finalize your design, it would be beneficial for you to work using design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. An estimated yearly income of $64,000 may be expected to be earned by a web designer.

6. Training in Visual Effects and a Degree in Character Animation

A new age of gaming and film is about to begin thanks to technology that is focused on gadgets and smart devices. Augmented reality and virtual reality are the driving forces behind today's technological advancements, including visual effects and character animation, both of which have their roots in the game industry.

You will master the sophisticated VFX effects, software abilities, and new approaches that are widely employed in the filmmaking process if you enroll in the VFX training course. Because of the growing demand in live-action movies, animated movies, and video games, a visual effects artist has a wide range of career options. You also have the option of using a character animator to create one-of-a-kind characters in the style of the game "Pokemon Go." Character animators bring in an annual compensation of $65,000, while visual effects artists with five to seven years of experience get an average of $75,000 per year for their work.

7. The Development of Software

As a result of the proliferation of mobile applications and web apps, there is a significant increase in the need for software development. A Software Developer practices a wide variety of programming languages, such as C++, Java,.NET, ReactJS, and Native, amongst many others. As a Software Developer, one of your responsibilities is to develop software as well as mobile and online applications that are helpful to businesses.

In the Software Development and Programming Languages course, you will need to concentrate on the most recent coding approaches and the most recent development methods, such as Hadoop, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Unity, and a great number of other options. The average yearly salary for a software developer is around $108,000.

upGrad provides students with the opportunity to get a PG Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development. In addition to gaining an understanding of all of the core ideas behind web development, this course also offers support in finding placements.

8. Engineering and Design of Computer Hardware and Networking

Maintenance and troubleshooting of the fundamental components of the computers are the primary focuses of the computer networking and hardware class. You need to focus on resolving frequent issues that develop as a result of routinely using different pieces of equipment. Measurements both predictive and preventative may be planned for in order to forestall the need for significant equipment maintenance.

In the course on computer hardware and networking, you will get knowledge on a variety of subjects, including LAN, DTP, CCNA, and many more. Around 114,000 dollars is what one may expect to make working as a Computer Hardware Engineer.

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