What jobs pay the most with no experience UK?

Best paid jobs you can do with NO qualifications revealed

These days, getting a degree or some other kind of further education is no longer a guarantee of a high pay; in fact, it is possible that you may be able to make a great deal more if you do not have one.

There are jobs available right now that pay as much as £68,793 annually and do not need any kind of formal degree to apply.

The employment website Adzuna came at this conclusion after conducting an analysis of one million open positions that were being advertised and selecting only those for which informal qualifications were not required for application.

In all, they discovered nine "unskilled" occupations that paid more salaries than the average income that was offered for professional employment, which was £35,773.

There were over twenty positions that earned an average of thirty thousand pounds or more.

Andrew Hunter, one of the co-founders of Adzuna, made the following statement: "Jobs that do not need a formal certification may nonetheless be incredibly rewarding."

The highest-paying career that does not need a degree or certification was that of a "ethical hacker," a position in which one tests the security of websites and businesses by attempting to hack into them.

This indicates that computer abilities, creative thinking, and experience are more important than official degrees.

"Private chauffeur" is the second top paid occupation for individuals without credentials, with an average income of £46,500, while bouncers may also earn more than £40,000 per year.

There are a number of positions within the public sector that pay well; for example, military security posts and Army officer positions pay more than £39,000 on average annually.

"Jobseekers without the rubber stamp of a degree or diploma should be ready to work hard for these positions," Hunter continued. "They should be prepared to show off soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence at interview and prepare for the fitness and agility tests required by more physical positions in the Army and Police."

The top 20 occupations in terms of pay that do not need any kind of formal education.

Hacker with a Moral Compass - £68,793

Private Chauffeur - £46,500

Bouncer is priced at £42,881.

Construction of Mining Facilities - £42,757

Manager of Operations - £40,014 per year

Real Estate Agent - £39,864

39 464 pounds for military security

Officer in the British Army - £39,001

Operator of Power Plant: 38,551 pounds sterling

HR Manager - £38,469

Courier - £36,936

Criminal Investigator - £35,554

Firefighter: a salary of £35,332

Taster of Food - 35,275 GBP

Executive Assistant - £33,578

Recruiter - £33,035

Waste Management - £32,100

Plumber - £31,707

Sales Executive - £30,656

Officer of the law - £30,451 per year

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