What jobs pay the most per hour UK?


Have you ever been curious about the highest paying jobs or how much money you may potentially make in your chosen career? According to CareerBuilder UK and Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI), aircraft pilots and flight engineers have the highest average salary per hour in the United Kingdom at £44.57. On the other end of the spectrum, bar waiters have the lowest average pay per hour at £6.13.

However, over the course of a lifetime, those who work as officers on ships or hovercraft get the greatest salary gains. Ship and hovercraft officers, on average, make five times as much later in their careers as they do when they first start out in the field.

According to the statistics, there may be a correlation between compensation and employment growth in specific industries. For instance, the number of employment available for bartenders and waitstaff has decreased by 4 percent since 2011, and this decline may be attributable to the fact that these positions often provide the lowest compensation over the course of a career. However, the job market for landscape gardeners is expected to experience the greatest contraction, with a loss of positions estimated at 7 percent. Furthermore, landscape gardeners can expect only a modest rise in their hourly wage over the course of their career, from 7.30 pounds to less than 9 pounds, on average.

On the other hand, property, housing, and estate managers have had a job increase of 16 percent since 2011. This rise has been encouraged by the fact that their positions are among the top ten highest paid occupations per hour in Britain. People who work in this area may, on average, make four times as much money by the time they reach the end of their careers as they did when they first started out in the field.

"The numbers are particularly fascinating for those who may be wanting to take their first step into the professional ladder," said Scott Helmes, Managing Director of CareerBuilder UK. When looking at the top 10 highest paid occupations by average hourly rate, there are a number of professions that do not need a big upfront investment in training and credentials, yet they nonetheless offer much better earning potential than other industries.

According to a list that CareerBuilder compiled, the following are the top 10 occupations that pay the most on an hourly basis on average:

Flight engineers and pilots each get £44.57 per hour.

Controllers of air traffic cost 34.06 pounds per hour.

Legal professionals – £32.45

Practitioners of medicine cost £30.18 per hour.

£28.44 per hour for dental practitioners

Brokers – £25.03

Teaching professionals in higher education cost £33.32 per hour.

Drivers of trains and tubes make 23.29 pounds per hour.

Officers of ships and hovercraft get a salary of £23.23 per hour.

The price of admission is £22.98 for actuaries, economists, and statisticians.

"Our study has showed that those industries experiencing growth are also, on average, delivering the best prospective incomes," says Dr. Sanja Licina, Senior Director of Workforce Analytics at CareerBuilder. It is possible that the fact that careers in the legal, medical, and dental fields are included in our list of the top ten highest paid jobs would not come as a surprise to you. Nevertheless, our research reveals that positions that are often not thought of as having lucrative pay scales, such as those in higher education teaching or as train and tube drivers, are in fact ranked in the top ten greatest wages. Additionally, over the course of a career, those who hold these roles get some of the most significant rises in salary.

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