What job pays you to sleep?

How to get paid to sleep?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Have you ever found yourself in hot water because you fell asleep on the job? So it seems that my new job is to sleep.

Sleep Junkie is looking for someone who suffers from insomnia or who just has trouble getting a decent night's rest, and they are willing to pay this person $2,000 to try out the newest sleeping goods over the course of eight weeks.

Simply said, you'll be paid $250 per hour to try out various sleep aids and equipment. According to Sleep Junkie, each product will be tested for one week, and Sleep Junkie estimates that each test will take around one hour to complete. Apps that monitor sleep, pillows, eye masks, and other sleep accessories are included.

And you can absolutely work from home if you want to! Sleep Junkie believes you can sleep from home.

The start date of the position is after January 22, and it will allow the successful applicant to contribute to a "ultimate sleep guide" that will be released on March 18, which is World Sleep Day.

"The study of sleep is a fascinating field, and in order to keep up with the most recent developments in both science and technology, we do extensive research on a regular basis. Dorothy Chambers, an employee of the organization, was quoted as saying, "As a group, we are all committed to delivering the finest sleep advice we can." "It is our firm belief that everyone has the right to and is capable of obtaining a pleasant night's sleep. If we are successful in recruiting someone who has a history of trouble sleeping, we hope that we will be able to assist them in achieving restful sleep while they assist us in gathering information that will be beneficial to others.


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