What job is the most in demand right now?

The 5 most in-demand remote jobs right now

The labor market of 2022 is still teeming with chances, and an increasing number of businesses are providing remote roles to cater to the need for flexibility that individuals have in their working lives.

A membership service for those looking for work, FlexJobs, reported a 12 percent rise in the number of remote job ads on its website in the last year. Additionally, the site included a greater variety of remote possibilities across a variety of sectors and experience levels.

Over the course of the last month, FlexJobs combed through more than 13,000 job postings posted by 5,800 employers on the site's database to identify which types of remote employment are the most in-demand right now and are anticipated to grow more popular in the next months.

On the very top of the list are positions such as "recruiter" and "accountant." According to FlexJobs career advisor Toni Frana, who spoke with CNBC Make It about the topic, the proliferation of such positions underscores wider transformations that are occurring in the landscape of work.

"The growth in recruitment jobs signifies the need to employ talent, particularly on the heels of the Great Resignation," she adds. "The rise in recruiting roles suggests the need to acquire talent." "While the increase in accounting job openings may be somewhat attributable to seasonal factors, the demand for it [and other occupations] may be due to the fact that so many of these top professions are migrating into the realm of remote work,"

According to FlexJobs, the following are the remote occupations that are in the most demand, along with the typical earnings for each position.

1. Representative of the customer service department

Customer service personnel assist consumers in answering their inquiries and resolving issues that are related to a product or service. They serve as a liaison between the customer and the company, assisting in the acquisition of new clients and providing information on more goods and services.

Average salary: $40, 223

2. Recruiter

Researching and vetting potential employees for available positions is the responsibility of recruiters, who work for corporations. They are also responsible for coordinating things such as employment interviews, job offers, and the onboarding process.

Average salary: $53,327

3. Chartered Accountant

Accountants are able to assist firms in the process of collecting, monitoring, and correcting their financial data. Tax returns, maintaining up-to-date financial records, and overseeing accounts for both revenue and expenses are all part of the responsibilities.

Average salary: $52,442

4. Personal aide to the President

Executive assistants provide help to company executives by managing their calendars, responding and handling their communications, planning meetings, and doing a variety of other administrative tasks.

Average salary: $58,338

5. Project manager

Project managers are employed in a wide variety of fields, such as engineering and financial services, to handle client initiatives. Some of the tasks that project managers are responsible for include allocating resources, setting a budget, and monitoring progress.

Average salary: $75,743


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