What is the highest paying part-time job?

20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

When it comes to selecting a part-time employment, you have a number of opportunities from which to choose. A great number of part-time jobs provide pay rates that are much higher than the minimum wage. In this post, we take a look at 20 different part-time professions that provide decent salary.

Although the professions mentioned here are usually always hourly, shift-based, or self-scheduled, there are a large number of additional employment that may be converted to part-time by having a conversation with either your current or future management. There are also a great number of roles that are normally full-time but which companies may be wanting to fill on a part-time basis.

Part-time employment opportunities that pay well

The following is a list of part-time employment that have the potential to produce a significant income. Simply clicking on the links that are given will take you to the most recent information that Indeed has on salaries.

1. Concierge or personal shopper

The standard hourly wage is now at $13.85.

The tasks of this position include cultivating a loyal client base and providing them with regular, high-quality purchasing experiences. Maintain an in-depth familiarity with a variety of shops and the things they sell. Make suggestions for purchases to the customer depending on their requirements.

The completion of high school or equivalent is required, and a GED is preferable.

2. the front desk clerk

The standard hourly wage is now set at $14.75.

The tasks of a receptionist vary depending on the environment in which they are employed. Tasks may include responding to customers' emails and phone calls, assisting customers in scheduling appointments, greeting customers, entering data, and taking messages for other members of the team.

For the majority of receptionist roles, having a high school education or its equivalent is required as a minimum requirement. Skills in communication and organization are required for a successful career in this field.

3. A member of the security staff

The standard hourly wage is now at $14.76.

As part of their responsibilities, security officers are tasked with maintaining vigilance at the establishments in which they are employed. Inspecting buildings, apprehending trespassers or other unauthorized persons, reporting security breaches or violations, and examining footage from security cameras are all possible responsibilities of security guards.

The majority of jobs demand a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent. In certain companies, having a valid driver's license and passing a background check are both prerequisites for employment.

4. Bank teller

The standard hourly wage is currently set at $14.83.

The tasks of this job include greeting clients when they enter the credit union and directing them to the right location inside the business. Perform a wide variety of banking transactions for a large number of clients, including deposits, withdrawals, and other financial dealings.

Skills in elementary arithmetic and completion of the bank's required training are prerequisites.

5. Representative of the customer service department

The standard hourly wage is now at $14.87.

Job responsibilities include interacting with clients on behalf of an organization. It is possible to communicate in person, over the phone, over email, or using the chat feature of a website. Customer service employees are responsible for resolving any issues raised by customers and communicating their comments to the appropriate departments.

The majority of positions need a high school certificate or its equivalent; however, a specific license may be necessary for some professions if they are in the financial or insurance sectors.

6. Warehouse worker

The national average wage is now $17.17 per hour

Organize, retrieve, and manage inventory when shipments come in at the warehouse; these are the tasks of the job. When the supply becomes low, make sure to replenish it, and maintain a tidy and orderly warehouse. In some positions inside the warehouse, you can be asked to enter data or operate machinery.

It is possible that you may be needed to have a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent. Capability of lifting and moving stock, some of which may be heavy.

7. The assistant to the administrator

The national average wage is $17.25 per hour

Administrative assistants are responsible for providing assistance to management teams, staff, and customers as part of their job tasks. The job entails a wide variety of tasks, the most of which are administrative in nature and include tasks such as answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments, entering data, and providing assistance for the requirements of the company.

Administrative assistants are required to have a diploma from high school or its equivalent, while certain companies may prefer applicants to have a bachelor's degree instead.

8. Delivery driver

The national average wage is $17.50 an hour.

Orders will need to be collected and transported in a secure manner to the location specified in the job description. The tasks that a delivery driver is expected to do vary widely depending on the company for which they work. These tasks may include mapping out delivery routes in order to ensure that each trip is as productive as possible and keeping records of the items that have been delivered.

Deliver drivers are expected to be in possession of a driver's license that is current and unrevoked. A good number of businesses also want to ensure that candidates have spotless driving records, and some of them could even have them undergo a driving test.

9. a person who works in construction

The national average wage is $17.51 per hour

Construction workers are responsible for constructing a wide variety of buildings and structures using a variety of equipment and machines. They collaborate as part of a group to finish whatever project the management has defined for them.

In order to be able to carry and move big materials, construction workers are required to have a certain level of physical mobility. If a construction worker wants to be able to operate more sophisticated gear, they have the option of pursuing a number of different licenses and certificates.

10. Brand ambassador

The national average wage is $19.11 an hour.

As an interactive representative who faces customers, your job tasks include displaying professionalism and the personality of the brand. Spread marketing items like samples, flyers, and coupons around the community. Respond to queries that consumers have about the company or its products, and keep them informed about forthcoming sales and activities.

The completion of high school or its equivalent is required, although a bachelor's degree is desirable.

11. Phlebotomist

The standard wage is $19.35 an hour on average.

Work responsibilities include taking blood samples from patients for a variety of diagnostic procedures. Correct patient information should be printed on the labels of the vials. Make it a pleasant experience for the patient by picking the most appropriate technique of collecting in accordance with their requirements.

Requirements: Valid phlebotomy certification (details vary by state).

12. Bookkeeper

The national average wage is $19.84 per hour

Bookkeepers are responsible for a variety of tasks and have the option of working for an organization or establishing their own clientele and so controlling their own schedules. They are accountable for ensuring that the ledgers are correct and balanced at all times. Bookkeepers are responsible for coordinating bank deposits and regularly reporting on the company's financial outcomes.

Bachelor's degree required, preferably in accounting or a closely related subject.

13. Personal driver

The standard hourly wage is currently set at $20.21.

Driving people to and from a variety of destinations is one of the job obligations. Provide outstanding customer service to ensure passengers are comfortable. Always observe safe driving practices, maintain a clean car, and look for shortcuts wherever possible.

Reliable mode of transportation, a current and legal driver's license, and a driving record free of serious infractions are all requirements.

14. Nanny

The standard hourly wage is currently set at $20.62.

The employee is responsible for providing child care services within the parameters of the allotted time. In charge of providing the children with food and water, as well as giving them baths and putting them to sleep. In addition, they are responsible for the organization of activities, the assistance of children with their schoolwork, the supervision of playtime, and in certain cases, the transportation of children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

Both a dependable mode of transportation and previous experience working with youngsters are prerequisites for this position.

15. Freelancer

The standard hourly wage is $22.81 dollars.

Freelancers are persons who sell a particular ability, skill, or commodity by defining their own rates and working hours. They are also responsible for determining their own working hours. Freelance work may be done in a variety of fields, including design, photography, writing, consulting, and more. They are accountable for developing their own clientele and managing all financial transactions independently.

The requirements differ from freelancer to freelancer.

16. Tutor

The average wage is 24.90 dollars an hour.

Asking students for feedback on challenging concepts or subject areas might help define improvement objectives for the workplace. Examine recent examples of the student's work, such as homework assignments and assessments, and work through any questions that were left unsolved. Talk to your parents or guardians about any potentially dangerous situations or any issues that need for immediate attention.

The ability to pass a background check and a drug test, in addition to having a dependable mode of transportation, are all requirements.

17. Mail carrier

The standard hourly wage is now at $25.86.

The employee is responsible for delivering incoming mail and parcels and retrieving outgoing mail and shipments. If a delivery effort is unsuccessful, specified postal routes should be followed, and appropriate notification should be sent. Ensure signature is supplied on certain deliveries.

The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or its equivalent, and candidates must also get a passing score on the admissions test.

18. Real estate agent

The national average wage is $40.67 an hour.

Networking and prospecting in order to locate prospective customers are part of the job obligations. Show potential buyers around several residences and assist them in evaluating each one in light of their requirements while you're on the road with them. Help your customers stage their houses and get them ready for sale by guiding them through the process. Negotiate contracts to ensure that the customer receives the most beneficial terms that are achievable.

Requirements: Current and current real estate license.

19. a specialist in occupational therapy

The national average wage is $44.29 per hour

Conduct patient assessments to evaluate a patient's physical condition, limits, and personal objectives. This is part of the job description. Confirm the care plans with the health care professionals by communicating with them. During patient sessions, you should provide direction, support, and knowledge related to treatment. Reports should be generated for the patients, their doctors, and their families.

Requirements include a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy as well as a current license in Occupational Therapy from the state.

20. Speech therapist or audiologist

Hourly wage averaging $48.42 on average

Clients with voice impairments must be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated as part of the job requirements. Develop a therapy plan for the patient that includes a variety of different activities and exercises, and base it on their requirements. Conduct sessions of treatment both individually and in groups. Collaborate with other experts working in the health care industry to verify and enhance treatment strategies.

Required: a current license in speech pathology from the state in which you reside.

Having a career on the side gives you the freedom to spend time with your family, explore other interests or sources of money, or do all of the above. There are a lot of other occupations out there that you could do on the side, and some of them could be a better match for you than these high-paying possibilities for individuals looking for part-time work. You may find it helpful to run a salary comparison in order to determine the typical income in your area for any job title that you are interested in.

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