What is the highest paid job in accounting UK?

the highest paying finance jobs in the uk

If you are interested in making a significant amount of money, the financial sector can be the place for you to pursue your goal. According to recent statistics, the average weekly wages are £550, however the average weekly earnings for financial professionals is much higher at £648. And that's simply the standard deviation there. There are a large number of positions in the city that pay more than 70,000 GBP a year and provide substantial incentives for excellent performance.

The pay calculator offered by Randstad provides information on all available financial positions. To determine whether or not you are getting paid the appropriate amount.

Financial services are also thriving, and there is a significant need for skilled workers. It is anticipated that industry growth will contribute 2-2.5% to the GDP of the UK in the next two years, which would result in an estimated 47,000 extra employment in finance by the year 2020.

Having said that, the following are some of the top paid occupations in the financial industry for the year 2018. Is it time to switch to a different professional role?

Jobs in the financial sector with the highest salary.

Management accountant.

A management accountant is responsible for managing the numbers and accounting of a corporation. Typically, this is a senior-level position that entails preparing financial statements, advising on business strategies, and providing assistance to the management team in the process of making financial decisions. Other responsibilities include adhering to budgets, monitoring performance, analyzing the impact of business decisions, and implementing regulations and controls.

This is a position that comes with a significant amount of responsibility and pays somewhere in the region of £33,650 on average. If you get chartered status or find employment with a major corporation, you may anticipate a significant increase in your income.

Salary Range: £30,590-£40,070+

Financial controller.

The accounting department of a corporation is under the watchful eye of a financial controller who ensures everything runs efficiently. It is the responsibility of the financial controller to prepare periodic reports and to detect trends, performance, and cash flow predictions, even if there will often be a team of accountants taking care of the more administrative responsibilities. Auditing and ensuring that financial rules are followed to the letter is another obligation that comes with being a financial controller.

Salary range: £44,350-£62,690+

Bookkeeper for the fund

The job of a fund accountant is to ensure that all of the financial parts of the fund for which they work are accurate and in excellent order. This requires, on a daily basis, the preparation of reports that show yields, net asset values, and distributions, as well as the reconciliation of various accounts, the preparation for audits and the scheduling of audits, the identification of any irregularities, and the preparation of reports on the fund.

Average salary: £41,230-£61,470

Analyst of financial matters

A financial analyst is responsible for the collection and monitoring of financial data for a particular organization. This data is then used by the analyst in order to spot patterns and provide suggestions to senior management. Math, bookkeeping, and basic economics are all a part of the job description for this position, therefore a knack for numbers is absolutely necessary. In addition to this, a financial analyst has to be aware of the most recent developments in the sector in which they work, have the ability to produce accurate financial projections, and provide suggestions for how the sector may be improved. The market for financial analysts is now quite competitive.

Salary range: £69,940-£81,600

Investment banker.

You need to have a solid grasp of the financial markets and how money is created and managed if you want to work in investment banking. As part of this profession, you will be responsible for delivering a variety of financial services to a variety of different organizations. These services may include things like mergers, acquisitions, financing, privatization, and initial public offerings. An investment banker may work in corporate finance, offering specialized information on mergers and acquisitions, or they might work in debt capital, restructuring debt obligations. Either way, they would be giving financial advice to businesses.

Average salary: £56,620-£79,020


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