What is the best job for a lazy person?

21 Jobs for Lazy People That Pay Well

What are some easy occupations that pay well that individuals who are lazy could do? That's a complicated subject, and the answer to it mainly relies on how you characterize slothfulness.

Our recommendation to you, if you are genuinely a lazy person, in order to obtain a job (particularly one that pays well), is to...stop being lazy. Being lazy will not get you anywhere in life. You will need to be self-motivated, determined, and ready to put in some effort if you want to get a job and retain one once you do.

But even if people label you as lazy because of things like being a late riser, wanting to work entirely from home, favoring the ability to make your own hours, or leaning more toward the inactive side of the spectrum, you shouldn't worry about finding work because there are jobs out there that are suited to people like you. If you are "unlazy" and driven enough to search for chances and get the job done, the world is teeming with them for you to take advantage of, and there are enough of them.

Let's have a look at the careers that are ideal for persons who believe themselves to be lazy and that also pay well.

1. Survey Taker

There are a great number of websites on the internet asking for individuals to fill out paid surveys for them. As an example, Swagbucks is a website that rewards users with gift cards for completing online polls and surveys. This is due to the fact that the businesses, brands, and organizations from all over the world that work with Swagbucks are constantly looking for the opinions of consumers such as yourself to assist them in shaping their products and services while they are in the process of development and marketing. To far, Swagbucks has distributed more than 600,000,000 USD in the form of prizes to its users located all over the globe. Spending a few minutes on your computer, even from the comfort of your sofa, is all that is required of you.

It doesn't matter whether you're an engineer or a marketer; survey takers with specialized professional experience, like yourself, are eligible for additional perks. These surveys are more likely to give a higher amount of money in exchange for your time in exchange for your particular skills.

2. Online Shopper

There are those folks who just do not have the time to go shopping in shops. Others are so busy that they can't even find the time to purchase online. Because of this, the company is interested in hiring individuals just like you, who are content to laze about all day and buy online. You will, of course, need to be on top of your game in order to find the greatest discounts available throughout the internet; but, you are, in essence, being paid to do what you may already do from the comfort of your bed on languid evenings.

3. Line Stand-In

There are individuals in this world who will pay you to wait in lengthy lines for them if you don't mind doing so. If you're willing to do so, you can find work doing it. Because they are working all day, it is possible that they will ask you to go pick up tickets for them because they do not have the time to do it themselves. It's also possible that a highly anticipated new item has just been released, or that a sold-out performance is about to take place, and the wait for tickets is several hours long. Someone is undoubtedly willing to pay you to wait in line for them, and you may take advantage of this opportunity. And that is all that is required of you; just wait in line.

4. Driver for a carsharing service

Today, there is an abundance of ridesharing software, such as Uber and Lyft. This might be a fantastic career for you if you're interested in setting your own hours, spending most of the day seated in your vehicle, and traveling from place to place. You may even listen to all of the podcasts that you have been wanting to listen to, or you can simply listen to music nonstop and let the day pass you by.

5. Librarian

A work as a librarian is not always suitable for persons who wish to sleep in and get up at a later time. Because the majority of libraries open at quite early hours, you will need to be there just as early as they do. But once you get there, you'll be able to while away a good portion of the day browsing the aisles of books that you've undoubtedly spent a lot of time reading in bed... you know, those days when you'd rather be doing anything else.

6. A Person Who Tests Food

If you have a significant interest in food, there are a great many businesses that will pay you to try out their items and provide feedback on them. Food tasters are used by both new and established businesses in order to evaluate the readiness of their respective dishes.

7. Cuddler who makes a living at it

People adore the act of cuddling. There is both a supply and a demand for it in the market. Because of this, businesses such as Cuddle Comfort may exist. They look for folks like you who like lounging about and hiring them to come snuggle with consumers.

8. Hotel Sleep Tester

Hotels are required to have confidence that their beds will provide visitors with a comfortable experience. Therefore, they will recruit individuals such as yourself to come try them out. You may earn money just by spending the night sleeping at a hotel and providing feedback on the quality of the bed, pillows, and blankets provided.

9. Beer Taster

Beer firms, similar to food companies, need to be aware that there will be a need for their product in the future. Many people choose to employ beer tasters to... consume their beer and provide feedback on its quality.

10. Video Game Tester

In addition, firms that make video games need consumers to try out their products and report any bugs or constructive criticism they discover. It's possible that you're the ideal candidate for this position if you've spent a significant portion of your time in the past lounging around your house and playing video games on your sofa.

11. A Subject Who Took Part In A Sleep Study

Researchers are always seeking for people to take part in their investigations. So why not seek out sleep studies? In a nutshell, you will get compensated for your resting time. As long as you are okay with having your sleeping patterns watched and/or recorded, you may not even have to do anything differently than you usually would. All that is required is that you be comfortable with these activities.

12. Analyzer for the Smell of the Breath

To determine how well their goods work, gum and toothpaste manufacturers employ employees to evaluate the smell of customers' breath. To put it another way, someone will really pay you to sniff the breath of other individuals.

13. Dog Walker

There are apps available, such as Wag!, for dog lovers who wish to make some additional money by walking dogs for other people. You are free to set your own schedule and walk a dog belonging to a complete stranger whenever the need to get some fresh air strikes you.

14. Binge-Watcher

Businesses like as Netflix will pay users to view large amounts of video on their platforms in order to assist them in properly classifying that content. Therefore, if you regularly watch a lot of movies or if you have a passion for television programs, this can be the perfect employment for you.

15. Movie Extra

There is a good probability that the production crew of a movie that is shooting in your neighborhood will be looking for people to participate as extras. The only thing required of you is to submit an application to hang around in the background, where you won't often be doing anything.

16. Commercial Extra

Similar to movies, ads often need the participation of extras. And once again, all you need to do is hang around in the background, where you won't normally be doing much of anything.

17. Cat Sitter

The caretaking of other people's pets while their owners are away on vacation might be an excellent work opportunity for you if you like spending time with animals. Particularly cats are very simple pets to sit. The only things you need to do for your cats are make sure they have adequate food, that their litter box is clean, and that they receive some cuddle time. It's not a really difficult profession, and you basically just get paid to lounge about and be affectionate with people all day. Jobs caring for animals may be found in abundance on websites such as Petsitter.com.

18. Plant Caretaker

When individuals go on vacation, they may require someone to stop by their home to water their plants and tend to the garden while they are away. Even while this might entail a significant amount of human effort, in most cases, all that is required is a quick visit once a day or once every few days to sprinkling some water and turning any plants that demand more sunshine.

19. Avid Sports Follower

Some businesses will really employ people who are truly obsessed with sports to spend time with their customers, both to watch games with them and to show them a nice time. The purpose of this is to assist in increasing the number of people watching the game since these sports fanatics know a lot about it and have the ability to get other people engaged.

20. Housesitter

If a family is going to be gone for a lengthy period of time, they could employ someone, like you, to look after their home while they are away. This can mean coming over to do things like feed the cat or water the plants. Also, if there is a cat, you need to feed it. It might also involve things like picking up the mail from the mailbox outside and making sure the home is clean so that dust doesn't accumulate while they are gone. Depending on the activities that need to be completed, this may be a very simple fill-in job. These kinds of jobs may be found on websites such as HouseSitter.com.

21. Dating App Messenger

There are individuals in the world who will genuinely pay you to develop their dating app profiles and contact potential matches on their behalf if you offer your services. Either they do not have enough time to do it themselves, or they are unsure of the appropriate response to provide. Therefore, they are hoping that people such as you would do it for them.

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