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LAND THE JOB The 10 best U.S. jobs of 2022

In spite of a rise in coronavirus infections brought on by the omicron version, the labor market in the United States is teeming with exciting new chances. According to recent study conducted by Glassdoor, a significant number of the most desirable professions now provide both flexible working options and earnings in the six-figure range.

On Tuesday Glassdoor issued its newest study identifying the 50 best jobs in America for 2022, based on organizations having at least 100 salary reports and 2,000 job posts on its site as of December 2021. The list lists the best jobs for job-seekers to pursue in order to maximize one's income potential, level of work satisfaction, and availability of employment opportunities.

As a result of the continuing epidemic, demand for mental health services continues to skyrocket, and psychiatrists (ranked #22) and psychologists (ranked #34) made it into the list of the greatest careers for the first time. However, occupations related to technology dominate the list, taking nine of the top ten slots.

“Nowadays, every firm is a tech company,” Daniel Zhao, a senior economist and data scientist at Glassdoor, tells CNBC Make It. "The epidemic has particularly accentuated the usefulness of data because of how sudden and unexpected the changes that have resulted from this crisis have been. More firms are looking to real-time data in order to understand what is going on and make choices."

The enterprise architect, who is responsible for directing the creation and coordination of an organization's IT systems, is the top job on the list. The full stack engineer and the data scientist are the next two positions on the list in order of importance.

According to Zhao, such jobs have high job satisfaction rates because they are more suited for flexible work arrangements. Given the current epidemic, flexible work arrangements are a highly sought-after perk among workers as well as job-seekers.

According to Glassdoor, the following are the ten greatest occupations in the United States in 2022. You can also see the entire list of the top 50 jobs here.

1. Chief Architect of the Enterprise

A job description for an enterprise architect might describe their responsibilities as overseeing the whole of the IT platform's underlying architecture. A few of the major roles of an enterprise architect include developing processes, documenting critical IT procedures, monitoring project progress and keeping a security emphasis.

Median salary: $144,997

2. Full stack engineer

Full stack engineers are responsible for designing user interactions on websites, developing servers and databases for website operation, and writing code for mobile platforms as part of their job responsibilities. They collaborate with graphic designers to develop features for web design and supervise projects from the time they are conceived until they are completed.

Median salary: $101,794

3. Data scientist

Data scientists are tasked with the responsibility of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting big data sets using their expertise in areas such as analysis, statistics, and programming. They then utilize this knowledge to generate data-driven solutions to complex business situations.

Median salary: $120,000

4. DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer is someone who has knowledge of both engineering and coding, and their job entails collaborating with employees from a variety of departments in an organization to design and build new computerized systems. Productivity in the workplace may be increased by a DevOps engineer via a variety of means, including the development and deployment of new software systems, data analysis for the purpose of enhancing already available technology.

Median salary: $120,095

5. Strategy manager

Strategy managers are responsible for analyzing a company to identify its strengths, weaknesses, operational effectiveness, and chances for change. They also provide recommendations for initiatives that aim to reduce risks and develop strategies to accomplish long-term objectives.

Median salary: $140,000

6. Engineer specializing on machine learning

Machine learning engineers are responsible for the creation of autonomously operating software that gives computers the capacity to automate predictive modeling. This kind of software is designed by machine learning engineers. These engineers collaborate with data scientists to collect information and feed it, along with data that has been curated, into the models that the data scientists have identified or developed.

Median salary: $130,489

7. Data engineer

Data engineers are primarily responsible for converting data into a format that can be readily examined, as stated in the job description for this position. They do this by creating, maintaining, and testing the infrastructures that are used for data creation.

Median salary: $113,960

8. Software engineer

Job description: Software engineers design, debug, maintain and test software that tells a computer to complete particular activities, such as storing information, completing computations, etc. A software engineer will turn what needs to happen into one of several programming languages, the most prevalent of which being Java, C++ and Python.

Median salary: $116,638

9. Java developer

Java developers often work for startups, where they concentrate on developing a wide range of applications in order to bring new products to market and fulfill the orders of current clients. They are members of a software development team that is tasked with the design, implementation, and maintenance of Java programs.

Median salary: $107,099

10. General manager of products

Product managers are accountable for the overall strategy as well as the blueprint of an individual product or an entire product line. They are in charge of the product team and all elements, beginning with the product's inception and continuing until its introduction.

Median salary: $125,317

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