What is good salary Toronto?

What Is a Good Salary in Toronto?

Living in Toronto is comparable to living in one of the greatest cities anywhere in the world. This city is the best option for you if you are seeking for fresh prospects in your job as well as a lifestyle that is fascinating. However, before making any choice, you want to think about how much of a wage is sufficient and how much is appropriate for the economic core of Canada. Keep in mind that the Canadian city of Toronto is often ranked among the most costly on the continent of North America.

A single individual living in Toronto might be regarded to have a decent pay if they have a monthly net salary of between $3,500 and $4,500. This translates to a yearly gross pay of more than 55,000 Canadian dollars. Everyone who brings in between $55,000 and $72,000 before taxes is considered to be a strong earner.

Your level of experience and where you are in life both play a role in determining what you consider to be a respectable income. Are you single, married, have kids? In each of those scenarios, the minimum amount of money required to lead a respectable existence in Toronto will be different. Learn all you need to know about what constitutes a respectable income in Toronto in 2022 by reading this article.

In the year 2022, what kind of wage would be regarded as satisfactory in Toronto?

A decent salary in Toronto is one that has a monthly net income that falls in between $3,500 and $4,500 Canadian dollars. To qualify for this, your pretax income would need to be between $55,000 and $72,000 Canadian Dollars.

A person living in Toronto on their own may have a respectable existence if they earn an income within that range. It takes into account all of the essential costs, such as those for housing, transportation, medical care, and food, in addition to discretionary expenditures, such as those for hobbies, vacations, and so on. In order to live at a satisfactory level, a household consisting of four people will need an annual income of around $100,000 Canadian.

To live and work in Toronto is to do so in one of the world's most rewarding cities. In point of fact, it was regarded as the 25th greatest city to live in throughout the whole world and the third finest city in Canada. It should come as no surprise that the majority of foreign workers would rather find employment in Toronto. However, many people are taken aback by the exorbitant expense of living. Prepare yourself mentally and physically; find out how much a reasonable income is in the megalopolis of Canada so that you can haggle it up to the level it has to be at!

Unfortunately, the city's existing minimum wage is far lower than what is required in order to maintain a reasonable living in that location. As a direct result of this, a significant number of individuals who now reside in Toronto realize that this location is unaffordable and are thus compelled to relocate farther afield.

Despite this, a large number of individuals move to the city because of the dynamic work market and the many prospects for professional advancement.

In the end, Toronto is the commercial capital of Canada, and as such, it offers good prospects in all of the main sectors that are located in the city. Are you considering moving to Toronto in order to find work there? But how much money do you need to make in order to live comfortably in the most expensive city in Canada?

It has been suggested by a number of different authorities that the minimum gross wage one should aim for in Toronto is sixty thousand Canadian dollars. This equates to around $3,750 Canadian dollars each month after taxes.

However, if you are a single individual, this pay will allow you to maintain a respectable level of living. It is quite probable that a family will need two salaries in order to maintain a satisfactory quality of life. In addition, the minimum income required for a decent lifestyle in Toronto is a salary of $2,500 Canadian dollars per month after taxes (for a single person).

But if you want to purchase a property in Toronto, you should aim for a gross income of between $70,000 and $100,000. This is the minimum amount required.

Because of the high cost of living in Toronto, you will need an income that is sufficiently high to provide for both you and your family, should the need arise. If both partners in the relationship generate a gross income of $50,000 Canadian each, then they will enjoy a very comfortable existence.

To summarize, if you want to live a more lavish living in Toronto, you will need to earn around C$60,000 per year before taxes. This will allow you to enjoy a more modest lifestyle, but it will still be a decent one.

One illustration of a respectable wage in Toronto

The basic annual gross compensation is $60,000, which results in a net pay of $3,750 each month.

What would your life be like if you had a respectable amount of monthly income (about $3,750 net) in the city of Toronto, in the province of Ontario?

In contrast to the prices in other Canadian cities, the costs of expensive expenditures such as food, beverages, auto insurance, and utility bills will be greater for you. The city's living costs continue to escalate, contributing to the overall increase in the cost of everything there is to buy in the city.

Some examples of monthly costs in Toronto are as follows:

You may get housing by renting a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area for $1,800 per month. The additional costs for utilities and internet access will total $200 and $70 respectively.

Food and groceries cost $500 Canadian dollars.

The cost of transportation is $180 CAD.

Cost of health insurance: $80 Canadian

Income from disposal: $545 Canadian dollars each month to cover clothing and footwear, personal stuff, dining out, entertainment, weekend getaways, annual vacations, and other expenses.

You are permitted to take one or two vacations per year.

You also have the option of getting away for the weekend.

You may be able to save aside a few hundred Canadian dollars if you save.

You will have around C$375 left over each month after paying the complete fee, which gives you the opportunity to put money away or enjoy some leisure activities.

Gross Versus Net

When deciding whether or not to accept a job offer in Canada, it is essential to calculate the amount of taxes that would be owed. As is common knowledge, employers will always publish a wage prior to the deduction of taxes. In the province of Ontario, for instance, the provincial tax rate is 11.6 percent, while the federal tax rate is 26 percent on the same wage of $100,000 Canadian. In Canada, the total amount of an employee's gross compensation that goes toward taxes and social security contributions is around 30 percent.

The marginal tax rate in Ontario is 43.2 percent, which is much higher than the average tax rate of 30 percent paid by people earning $100,000 Canadian. If you use these rates, the amount of money you would really get on a salary of 100,000 dollars will be close to $70,000 Canadian.

It's possible that a single individual in Toronto could get by on this amount, but it's quite doubtful that a family of four could survive on it. Knowing whether the pay is reported before or after taxes makes a significant impact in this regard.

The following is an outline of the tax situation in the province of Ontario for a single person without children with a gross yearly income of C$87,552:

Federal tax: C$12,368

Provincial tax: C$6,248

CPP/EI Premiums: $4,056 Canadian dollars

Total tax: C$22,672

Average tax rate: 21.33 percent

Marginal tax rate: 31.48 percent

The Take-Home Pay is $64 880 Canadian Dollars.

Federal tax rates in Canada:

15 percent of the first C$45,916 in taxable income, plus a medical expense deduction.

20.5 percent on the next C$45,915 of taxable income (on the part of taxable income exceeding $45,916 up to $91,831), plus an additional 0.5 percent on the remainder of the taxable income.

26 percent on the next C$50,522 of taxable income (on the part of taxable income above $91,831 up to $142,353), plus 26 percent on any further taxable income beyond $142,353

29 percent on the next C$60,447 of taxable income (on the share of taxable income beyond $142,353 up to $202,800), + plus five percent on any further taxable income over $202,800

33 percent of taxable income in excess of 202,800 Canadian dollars

In addition to that, workers are responsible for contributing a provincial tax.

On the first C$45,142 of taxable income, a rate of 5.05 percent is applied.

9.15 percent added to amounts exceeding $45,145 Canadian Dollars.

11.16 percent added to amounts exceeding $59,713 Canadian Dollars.

12.16 percent added upon any amount exceeding $70,000 Canadian.

13.16 percent added to the total payment if it is more than C$220,000.

In addition to these income taxes, workers are responsible for deducting social security payments from their paychecks. These contributions include insurance for retirement and unemployment. In Canada, it consumes around 6.7% of your annual gross salary on average.

In Toronto, if you have an annual income of $54,630 on average, you would owe CAD$12,335 in taxes, which is a rate of 22.58 percent. This will leave you with $42,295 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to a monthly net of $3,524.

You just have paid:

Federal tax – C$5,682

Provincial tax – C$3,004

CPP/EI Premiums, which include social security, are $3,650 in Canada.

Remuneration packages, including bonuses and holiday pay, are also offered.

Employees in Canada are eligible for benefits such as employment insurance, family benefits, pension insurance, education and training, housing, maternity and paternity leave, and paid parental leave.

Despite the fact that employees are not required to receive annual bonuses, they are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation time each year.

Compensation levels in Toronto

Before taking into account taxes, the annual salary of a typical worker in Toronto falls anywhere between $50,000 and $70,000. The beginning salary for an entry-level employment is $31,931 per year, while the average salary for an experienced worker may go up to $93,510 per year before taxes.

In Canada, there are numerous career prospects for those with high levels of education and experience. IT professionals have the highest career prospects, since there are approximately 41,500 enterprises in the technology sector. Other than information technology, Canada's most important industries, including manufacturing, services, real estate, and communications, have all seen consistent expansion over the last several decades.

In Toronto, the city's software engineers may earn above-average salaries because to the city's constantly expanding IT industry. Backend developers who have two to three years of experience may expect to earn salaries in the range of seventy thousand to eighty thousand Canadian dollars per year.

Keep in mind that it will be tough to manage day-to-day living expenditures in Toronto with a salary of less than 35,000 dollars.

The city of Toronto's minimum wage in 2022

According to the information provided on Ontario.ca, the hourly rate of the general minimum wage will be C$15.00 from January 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022. Find out more about the salary in Toronto by reading more.

The average monthly wage in Toronto

According to PayScale, the typical starting pay in Toronto in the fourth quarter of 2021 was C$67,000. This does not include any additional perks and incentives that are associated.

Full-time workers in Canada earned an average annual wage of $54,630, or $1,050 per week, as of January 2020. This figure is expressed in Canadian dollars. However, the average pay in 2021 was $59,769 Canadian dollars before taxes.

There is a wide range of salary options available in Toronto. For example, the lowest average pay was 33,900 Canadian dollars, while the highest average was 599,00 Canadian dollars.

The annual rate of growth for the average income is positive and steady. In general, the earnings in Toronto are just a little higher than the national average pay in Canada. The real-world average wage in Toronto falls between between $55,000 and $60,000, which works out to between $42,535 and $45,820 after taxes.

You might expect a monthly net income of between $3,500 and $3,750 as a result of this action. It is possible to have a reasonably comfortable life as a single person.

Which careers provide what salaries in Toronto?

Software developer, project manager, and software engineer are three of the most in-demand jobs in Toronto, and their annual salaries range anywhere from 42,000 to 117,000 Canadian dollars.

Technology, finance, science and research, and healthcare are some of the most lucrative industries in which to find employment in Toronto. In point of fact, positions in management and business offer an average compensation of C$124,287, while employment in healthcare and medicine pay an average salary of C$116,408.

Taking into account the typical income and typical costs in Toronto

Your typical monthly costs as a single person with a pretax income of C$67,000 and an aftertax income of C$50,676 are as follows:

Monthly income after taxes: $4,160 Canadian

Rent and utilities: C$1,800

Food: C$500

100 Canadian Dollars for health insurance

Other insurances cost $50 Canadian.

Telecommunications: C$150

Transportation costs: $160 Canadian

Clothing and footwear: $250 Canadian dollars

Items for the home and personal hygiene: $100 Canadian

Three hundred Canadian dollars are allotted for fun, games, and culture.

Total: C$3,410

You have the option of putting the remainder of your salary in savings or using it to pay for entertainment.


The housing market in Toronto is the most competitive and costly in the whole nation. You should prepare to spend a significant portion of your money for your housing. The typical monthly rent for an apartment with one bedroom is anywhere between $1,850 and 2,000 Canadian dollars. Depending on the neighborhood, the cost of an apartment with two bedrooms will range from $2,500 to $3,500 in Canadian dollars.

In addition, you may anticipate paying an average of C$200 per month for utilities and C$70 for internet service. These costs will be deducted from your total monthly rent.


In general, the cost of groceries is rather high in Canada. A monthly budget of at least $400 Canadian dollars is recommended for you.

In Toronto, going out can be rather expensive. The following is a list of typical costs: A lunch at a restaurant costs around C$21, while a supper for two costs approximately C$65. A drink costs approximately C$15, while a beer costs approximately C$8. A cappuccino may cost as much as C$5.

Leisure time

If you go to the movies twice a month, drink four beers, go to one restaurant with friends once a month, and eat four times a month at a normal restaurant, you may occupy yourself for around 230 Canadian dollars each month. This is based on the average cost of these activities.

Transport à grande échelle

The price of a monthly pass for public transportation in Toronto may vary anywhere from 156 to 201 Canadian dollars.


In Canada, the cost of public health insurance is financed by the taxes that are withheld from an employee's paycheck on a monthly basis. The costs are reasonable, ranging from fifty to one hundred Canadian dollars each month. You have the option of purchasing private coverage for additional services.

Jobs with the highest salaries available in Toronto

The following are examples of some of the best paid occupations in Toronto:

Architect of computer software


Engineer senior specializing in software


Senior devOps engineer

Registered nurse

Manager of investment funds

Manager of construction work

Is a salary of $75,000 CAD before taxes enough for a couple with a young child in the city of Toronto?

A income of $75,000 Canadian dollars is above the city's average, yet it may not be sufficient for two adults and a kid living in Toronto.

After paying taxes on a yearly salary of $75,000 in Ontario, you will only be left with $56,050 in your pocket. This equates to a gross salary of $4,671 Canadian dollars each month. In Toronto, a family with two children will spend around $6 000 CAD on a monthly basis on their living expenditures. Even if you just have one kid, it will be difficult to have a high quality of life on a budget of $4,600 Canadian.

In Toronto, the average monthly cost for a family of four with one kid is between $4,000 and $5,000 Canadian.

What sorts of things are feasible with a yearly gross income of 75,000 Canadian dollars?

Your rent will consume a large portion of your salary, and it is doubtful that you will find housing for less than 1,500 Canadian dollars per month. We recommend budgeting around two thousand Canadian dollars per month for the rent. This leaves around 2,600 Canadian dollars available for use in obtaining other requirements.

If you want to raise a family in Toronto, you need also budget for the following additional typical monthly costs:

Utilities – C$200

Internet – C$70

Food and drink – a minimum of $500 Canadian

A monthly pass for one person on public transportation costs $155 Canadian dollars.

As an alternative to using public transportation, the cost of auto insurance is $250 Canadian.

$200 to $300 Canadian Dollars for Clothes

Entertainment – C$200 – C$300

If you live in Toronto and are thinking about purchasing a vehicle, know that doing so doesn't have to break the bank. There are a lot of used automobiles available for sale right now with prices beginning at $8,000 Canadian.

Total expenditures are roughly C$1,7. However, this total does not take into account any expenditures associated with a kid, such as those associated with child care. After that point, the prices might quickly spiral out of control depending on the decisions you make with your kid. After paying for all of the essentials, you will have $900 Canadian left over for other things, such as your child, savings, and entertainment. The budget is quite constrained.

In spite of all these figures, it is possible to make it work with $75,000 Canadian in Toronto. There are really hundreds upon thousands of individuals who are able to get by on that amount of money. In the end, everything hinges on your decisions and whether or not you are willing to commute in order to make up for the expensive rentals in downtown Toronto.

Maintain reasonable spending habits, lead a respectable lifestyle, and encourage your spouse to find gainful employment. It will more than double the income and greatly enhance the quality of life for you and your family.

Is a yearly income of $200,000 CAD sufficient to live comfortably in Toronto?

In Toronto, a yearly income of one hundred thousand Canadian dollars is seen as an excellent one. It is much greater than the average pay in Toronto, and having it will place you in the top 5 percent of earnings there. After accounting for taxes, your take-home pay will be close to $72,000 CAD year, or $6,000 CAD per month. The cost of living for a family of four at this level is around average. Therefore, an income of $100,000 Canadian dollars is an incredible amount to have in Toronto if you are a single person.

The vast majority of Canadians would consider it to be an outstanding pay. Even taking into account the high cost of living in Toronto, it would still be considered an incredibly solid salary that would enable a highly respectable standard of living.

What kind of lifestyle can you lead with a salary of $100,000 Canadian in Toronto?

Downtown Toronto rents range from $1,000 to $3,000 per month on average. You have the option of renting an apartment with a studio, one, two, or three bedrooms. Everything will fit well inside your financial plan.

$600 Canadian dollars spent on food and non-food items.

$200 to $500 Canadian dollars for apparel

C$500 for incidental and leisure costs

If you choose to live a more lavish lifestyle, the total amount that you will spend will increase to $4,600 Canadian Dollars. As a result, if you are a single person in Toronto and make $100,000 a year, you will have plenty of financial flexibility. Nevertheless, married couples and families will need to keep a close eye on their costs.

As a result, you and your spouse will be able to enjoy a lifestyle that is not just comfortable but also not too lavish with that money. Although it is a reliable source of income, it does not leave much space for savings or leisure activities in a household with children.

When it comes to creating a budget in Toronto, it is especially vital for married couples who have children to prioritize schooling and daycare costs. In order to get a good education in Canada, you will need to spend a large amount of money. In addition to this, one must take into account the monthly cost of the mortgage.


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