What are the most active jobs

17 Active Jobs that Will Keep You in Shape

If the idea of doing a job that requires you to sit still for eight hours a day causes you to feel an overwhelming feeling of dread, then maybe you would be better suited to one that requires more physical exertion. We have collected a list of exciting occupations that mix physical exercise with a monthly paycheque in order to provide you with some starting point suggestions. Continue reading this article if you are looking for a means to escape the tedium of your office work; the following occupations are among the most physically demanding in the world.

1. Landscaper / Gardener

If the idea of being confined to a cubicle all day isn't appealing to you, then you might consider gardening as a potential career path. There are many different chances available, whether you are responsible for the maintenance of exquisite golf courses, public sites, or private lawns. It is also labor that requires a lot of water, as anybody who has ever spent their Sunday removing weeds or planting potatoes will attest to.

2. Soldier

Another option is to learn how to live and work in the natural environment; this will bring you even closer to the natural world. You will be asked to carry big burdens over substantial distances while still being expected to perform well at the end of the day if you choose a career as a soldier, which is a physically demanding occupation that requires high levels of fitness and toughness. The good news is that you will actually be paid to exercise, which is why the military can be a wonderful match for you if you are someone who stays active on a regular basis.

3. Labourer

Working hard on a construction site may be a very satisfying occupation. The satisfaction of a job well done is evident, there is a strong feeling of on-site camaraderie, and, perhaps most importantly, it will keep you in excellent physical condition. A career in construction can be the right choice for you if you don't mind working outside in all kinds of weather and if you want your job to be of the more strenuous, physically demanding sort.

4. Petty criminal

Oil drilling is statistically one of the most hazardous occupations in the world, thus working on an oil rig is not for those who easily get homesick or who are easily rattled; you will spend a lot of time away from home, and you will have to operate in a hostile environment. On the other hand, the money is decent, and there is no downtime to speak of. In addition to lifting and mixing, roustabouts are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the equipment as well as the work locations they are assigned to.

5. Stunt Performer

If your idea of an active lifestyle includes things like purposefully wrecking automobiles, lighting yourself on fire, and leaping from buildings, then maybe satisfying your craving for adrenaline by doing stunts for film and television productions is the way to go. However, this is a difficult field to get into, so you need to make sure you start making the correct relationships as soon as possible.

6. Farmer

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and live a more peaceful life, farming could be a possibility for you; however, you will need to be prepared for the challenges that come with the profession. Farmers put in famously long hours, and the vast bulk of their labor is of a physically demanding type. However, if you don't mind getting your hands filthy and aren't scared of putting in a lot of effort, farming can be a very satisfying way of life.

7. Waiter / Waitress

It's possible that you don't realize how physically demanding waiting tables or working as a waitress may be unless you've actually done one of those jobs yourself. Aside from the fact that you'll spend the whole evening travelling between kitchens and tables, you'll also have to carefully navigate enormous and heavy trays without spilling any of the contents all over your clients. This will need a lot of concentration and focus. However, if you do well, there is a strong chance that you may get gratuities.

8. an officer of the law

As a police officer, you will most likely spend the whole of your shift moving about, whether it is for the purpose of monitoring streets and city centers or participating in physical contacts with offenders. You never know what you're going to run into during a shift, which is another reason why you need to be physically strong and ready for everything that comes your way.

9. Faller

Cutting down trees is one of the most physically demanding tasks that are now available. This is probably not a surprise. Fallers put through long hours and are required to be able to securely handle strong gear. In addition, they must physically measure and cut downed logs while ensuring that they are properly tethered. To put it more clearly, cutting down trees is job that may be quite hazardous and is not for those who are easily scared.

10. One who fights fires

One further occupation that is notable for its physically demanding nature is that of a firefighter. The ability to lift and carry big objects while navigating potentially hazardous terrain is an essential quality for firefighters, along with strength and stamina. In order to securely free individuals who are trapped in an area, you would furthermore need to be competent to handle any necessary apparatus (such as in overturned cars).

11. Performer in Dance and Choreography

Even while a work doesn't have to be hazardous for it to be physically demanding, it doesn't imply it's going to be simple. Because professional dancers and choreographers need to have great amounts of stamina (in addition to flexibility and strength in order to accomplish lifts), you should give serious consideration to a career on the stage if you are very disciplined and have a natural gift for rhythm.

12. Nurse

Accepting the idea that it is very improbable that you will be able to do any of the following for the whole of your shift as a nurse: a) sit down; b) use the restroom; or c) have more than ten seconds to yourself is a requirement for becoming a nurse. After all, there is a reason why nurses wear crocs rather than heeled shoes; when you are on your feet for a continuous period of 12 hours, you want to be as comfortable as possible. It is easier to declare that if you want to pursue a job in the healthcare industry, then you had better be prepared to become active. The situation is not much better for medical professionals such as doctors, paramedics, and other health experts.

13. Fishing Boat or Fisherman

Although for many people going fishing is the epitome of what it means to enjoy the great outdoors, what we're talking about here isn't the kind of fishing that's done for fun on a Sunday morning. When working on trawlers or other big boats, professional fisherman are required to haul their catches and fill their boxes as soon as possible, all while operating in potentially dangerous circumstances (has anybody seen "Deadliest Catch?"). In addition to your other responsibilities, you will also be responsible for the preparation of meals and the cleanup of the dining area.

14. Personal Trainer or Instructor

What could be a more efficient method to get exercise while working than to actually make exercise your job? You'll be putting in a significant amount of physical labor since fitness instructors teach courses and conduct one-on-one sessions throughout the day at gyms and health spas; after all, do you recall how tiring the spin class was that you did this morning? Now, picture yourself taking five of them every day.

15. An Engineer Who Works in the Field

Even while the phrase "engineering technician" may refer to a broad variety of different positions, one thing that the vast majority of these positions have in common is that you won't be required to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. You will often find yourself working in conditions that are physically demanding, whether it be ascending communications towers, electrical pylons, or wind turbines in order to replace malfunctioning equipment or going into mines and tunnels in order to maintain ventilation systems.

16. Waste Disposal Operator

If getting up early, being able to work outside, and putting in a significant amount of effort via physical labor gives you a feeling of accomplishment, then working as a garbage collector could be a nice option for you. In contrast to common assumption, working in garbage disposal does not need any previous credentials, and it may really pay rather well. When your knee joints and back have had enough of what you've been doing, there's always the possibility of making the transition into management.

17. Mover

If the idea of spending all day moving trash cans or garbage cans and furniture doesn't appeal to you, you may want to think about being a mover instead. After all, there are very few occupations that require as much physical activity as having to spend all day carrying incredibly heavy furniture up and down six flights of stairs.

Office life isn't for everyone, even if more and more businesses are installing on-site gyms and developing health programs. Others just wish to combine their job with the active lifestyle they already lead, while still others want to work in locations that are constantly shifting or outside, where they are required to be on the go throughout the day. This list has hopefully given you some insight into the many sorts of professions that are accessible, as well as some inspiration for what your next prospective career move may be. Whatever your reasons may be, we hope that this list has been helpful to you.


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