What are the highest paying finance jobs UK?

16 of the Highest Paying Finance Jobs in the UK 2022

Because it is one of the industries with the highest average salaries in the UK economy, the finance sector attracts a large number of people who are looking for work specifically because of this factor. According to the statistics on salaries that were given anonymously to Glassdoor, the annual compensation for a Finance Director, for example, is an average of £99,410.

The beginning of a career in finance often involves working long hours and putting in arduous days at the office. However, those who are able to persevere in the field are rewarded with high income and, in most cases, shorter hours as they rise through the ranks. Browse the list of the top paid jobs in the finance industry that we've compiled if you're interested in pursuing a lucrative line of work.

The following positions in the financial sector provide the highest salaries:

Chief Executive Officer of a Company

Analyst of Quantitative Data

Analyst of Stock Market Performance

Portfolio Manager


Tax Manager

Manager of Commercial Operations

Investment Consultant

Analyst in Investment Banking and Finance

Accountant for the Fund

Financial Analyst in Investments

Asset Manager

Financial Planner

Associate in Investment Banking (IB)

Financial Consultant

Internal Auditor

Which Sector of the Financial Industry Is Best for You?

It has come to light that those who excelled in mathematics while attending university do not have a monopoly in the field of finance. A significant number of persons who work in the financial sector have degrees in the liberal arts and humanities.

Some people working in the finance industry will have a Ph.D. in data science, while others may rise to equally high pay grades through their ability to connect with clients, identify trends, and put in long hours of work. Careers in the finance industry require varying degrees of quantitative knowledge and experience.

It is crucial to know what your long-term professional objectives are in the area of finance before beginning a career in that business. Additionally, it is necessary to determine whether or not you will need any extra schooling or certifications in the future in order to achieve those goals.

Which jobs in the financial sector provide the highest salaries?

1. the Chief Financial Officer of the company

salary range: £72,000 - £215,000

In most organizations, the Chief Financial Officer is the one who is tasked with coordinating the various financial activities of the company. Their responsibilities as top-level executives of the organization include creating an annual budget and spending plan and putting it into action. In addition to this, they make sure that all of the company's financial dealings are in accordance with the applicable rules and laws. The successful candidate for this position will often have a professional as well as academic experience in accounting, banking, or financial management.

2. Analyst of Quantitative Data

salary range: £41,000 - £131,000

Quantitative analysts seek for investment opportunities that are lucrative while while minimizing risk. They make use of quantitative tools to assist investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and private equity organizations in making commercial and financial choices. This normally requires a high level of mathematical acuity as well as a master's degree or perhaps a doctorate in the appropriate discipline, depending on the position's level of seniority.

3. Analyst in Charge of Equity Research

salary range: £42,000 - £118,000

Equity Research Analysts assist businesses in the securities sector in making educated judgments on the selling, buying, and holding of certain investments by using the in-depth knowledge of the financial market that they possess. Creating research reports, predictions, and recommendations about businesses and stocks is how this goal is brought to fruition.

4. Portfolio Manager

salary range: £32,000 - £120,000

Portfolio Managers utilize their comprehensive knowledge of financial investment strategies and methods of risk management to provide varied investment solutions for their customers by using this knowledge and these methods. Their objective is to contribute to the generation of profits via the strategic and operational deployment of assets. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in finance or a related field is often required to work as a portfolio manager.

5. The actuary

Salary range: £41,000 - £112,000

Actuaries are often hired by insurance firms, where they are tasked with analyzing the financial impacts of risk and uncertainty. They also assist firms in developing strategies that reduce the potential financial impact of the risk. Aspiring actuaries are required to demonstrate mastery of a tough set of actuarial examinations before they can earn their entire set of credentials.

6. Tax Manager

salary range: £43,000 - £78,000

The preparation and submission of state and federal tax records is within the purview of tax managers. In addition to this, they set up the structures necessary for tax compliance and coordinate their efforts with both external consultants and the different tax revenue agencies. This is a profession that, as a general rule, demands a relevant bachelor's degree in addition to a significant amount of experience working with accounting and taxes.

7. Director of Commercial Operations

salary range: £33,000 - £82,000

The major responsibility of a Commercial Manager is to supervise the commercial development activities of an organization. They put forth effort to get new client contracts and come up with growth plans in order to assist the organization in accomplishing its goals. It is very necessary to have the skill of connection building in order to be successful in this profession. Additionally, commercial manager positions often call for candidates to possess a solid business acumen in addition to relevant work experience and an advanced degree.

8. Investment Consultant

salary range: £28,000 - £95,000

Investment Consultants are often responsible for offering guidance on various investment goods and services. Individual retirement accounts, wealth management accounts, and college savings accounts are a few examples of this kind of account. Most of the time, they collaborate directly with customers in order to assist them in accomplishing their monetary goals. Having prior investment experience as well as a degree in a field connected to finance is often required for this role.

9. Analyst in Investment Banking Position

salary range: £42,000 - £73,000

Investment Banking Analysts are accountable for the process of bringing in new financial backing for companies and private persons. This is performed via the sale of equities and the issuance of debt. Analysts who work in investment banking also conduct risk assessments and provide financial guidance in order to maximize investment profits. The role typically needs a bachelor's degree in addition to previous work experience in subjects linked to finance.

10. Accountant of the Funds

salary range: £25,000 - £63,000

Fund Accountants are responsible for managing the day-to-day accounting for the mutual or institutional funds that they are allocated to. In addition to this, they do analysis on financial indicators, keep an eye on transactions involving security, submit their results in a timely manner, and check to make sure that those findings are in accordance with applicable laws and standards. Accountants for funds often require extensive tax knowledge in addition to a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a profession closely linked to these areas.

11. Financial Analyst for Investments

salary range: £24,000 - £80,000

Investment Analysts conduct study and analysis of trends in order to uncover opportunities with high return and low risk. In order to provide an educated investment advice, they also investigate the company's assets, earnings reports, and elements connected to the industry. A position as an Investment Analyst often needs a bachelor's degree, in addition to required financial qualifications and prior experience working in the financial business.

12. Asset Manager

salary range: £30,000 - £85,000

The primary responsibility of asset managers is to manage the assets of their clients. They monitor changes in the market and disseminate information about how such changes may have an effect on investment portfolios or other types of assets. Asset Managers often require a bachelor's degree in finance or a similar field, and they may move up to more senior levels of responsibility after completing successful years of service and earning professional certifications.

13. Financial Planner

salary range: £34,000 - £77,000

Clients benefit from the help and financial counsel provided by financial planners and wealth management advisors because these professionals draw on their extensive knowledge of the legislation, best practices, and numerous financial products. They do an analysis of the client's current financial situation, formulate strategies, and make any required modifications. This employment usually needs a bachelor's degree in a discipline relevant to the work, as well as college courses from a CFP Board-registered school and previous experience in financial planning.

14. Associate in Investment Banking (IBA)

range: £63,000 - £121,000

Investment Banking Associates are often engaged by financial institutions to carry out responsibilities related to customer interaction. In order to support the company's profitability goals, they manage client relationships, establish a portfolio of investment possibilities, and carry out strategic financial transactions. A foundation in banking, finance, or accounting may provide as an advantageous foundation for this employment.

15. Financial Consultant

salary range: £23,000 - £72,000

It is the main responsibility of financial consultants to assist businesses and people in formulating financial strategies that will allow them to realize their monetary goals. In general, the responsibilities of a Financial Consultant include the development of financial plans, the monitoring of the client's financial health, the forecasting of the fiscal year, and the provision of advise for capital investments. In order to be successful in this position, you will require extensive knowledge of a specific subfield within the field of finance as well as an overall comprehension of the business.

16. Internal Auditor

salary range: £25,000 - £68,000

Internal Auditors are responsible for developing the internal audit scope as well as the audit plans using a methodology that is methodical and rigorous. They investigate the operations of the organization, look for areas that might need enhancements or modifications, and then submit their findings to management. Obtaining a position as an internal auditor often requires obtaining a bachelor's degree in accounting, certification as an internal auditor, and related professional experience.

Careers in the Financial Sector

A bachelor's degree is usually required in order to pursue a job in the financial sector. Although concentrating in topics such as finance, business, economics, and mathematics will help you get your first employment and do well there, the sector is available to people who studied a wide variety of courses, from English to history, as long as you have some type of quantitative background.

Certain positions within the field of finance call for specialized certifications, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation (CFP). Your chances of getting a higher paying job almost always improve if you have a master's degree in business administration or a similar field, or even better, a doctorate in economics. Although the finance profession is not often recognized for having stress-free work conditions or pleasant work hours, it is a place where, if you put in the time as a junior employee, you may see large payoffs in terms of both money and decreased work hours as you climb through the ranks of the company.

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