Is it worthwhile to leave a secure job during COVID-19?

Is it worthwhile to leave a secure job during COVID-19?

Is it worthwhile to leave a secure job during COVID-19?How to Look for Work During a Pandemic

The employment economy is in flux.

Since the lockdown was implemented in March 2020, the Indian job market has seen a significant increase in unemployment, reaching up to 23% nationally.

Even if interest rates have fallen since February 2021, the Indian labor market remains turbulent.

So, if you have a secure employer that has not laid you off and has been paying you on time, realize that leaving your work may leave you unemployed for a longer period of time than you would normally anticipate in a non-COVID-19 environment.

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Uncertainty about a new career in the realm of COVID-19

Like other job searchers, you may like to get an offer letter from a firm before leaving your present position, and in a COVID-19 environment, this is more vital than ever.

However, since the second and third waves of COVID-19 are hitting nations at inconvenient periods, your future employment may not be as secure as your present one.

You may have been with your present company for a long period, making it more difficult for your boss to fire you.

Not because they can't, but because you've been with the organization long enough to be considered a long-term employee.

On the other side, you are new at your new work, and if another shutdown occurs, or your new firm suddenly loses a lot of money, new employees will most likely be the first to be laid off.

So keep this in mind before abandoning your present work during COVID-19.


As a working professional, you should be aware that the first thing any prospective employer will ask is why you wish to leave your present position.

Even if you offer them good reasons, leaving your present work amid a worldwide crisis may come across as a lack of devotion or loyalty to your company.

This might be one of the reasons you pass up on fantastic career chances or companies.

So keep this in mind before abandoning your present work during COVID-19.

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A peculiar new beginning

Starting a new job in the COVID-19 era is nothing like starting one before it. Over a video chat, you will most likely grasp your position and meet new individuals.

While this may not seem important to some, workplace connections are critical for maximizing productivity in a company.

Also, mental health has been prioritized in COVID-19; loneliness and sadness are caused by a lack of people to speak to.

So, if you're someone who is separating themselves, relationships—even those at work—are the most essential thing right now.

Keep this in mind before quitting your secure employment during COVID-19.

Now, if the preceding considerations have caused you to reconsider your choice to leave a highly secure and safe employment, I believe it is a good idea to maintain performing your job and wait for the world to improve.

However, if you still believe that your cause is far greater and stronger than the concerns indicated in the preceding sections, then at the very least ensure the following before leaving from your present organization:

The new company's financial situation

Before you say yes to any group, be sure you've done your homework on their financial history.

Understanding their financial situation may assist you in making the best selection. A firm with a poor financial history may not be a good option during COVID-19 since it may be unable to endure lockdowns and losses.

Consider joining huge corporations that either have a solid financial backing or are large enough to survive another COVID-19 or lockdown without laying off personnel.

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The new company's recent history

Because not everything is publicized in the press, make sure you research up on your new company's recent past.

Find out whether they have just laid off staff or if they have laid off people during the lockdown year. You may do so by reviewing online employee evaluations or communicating with current or former workers on LinkedIn.

This will tell you if you're joining the correct firm. Obviously, do not work for a firm that has laid off staff due to the epidemic since they may do so again in the future.

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Written evidence of pay and perks

Finally, before you even consider leaving your present work, make sure you have everything printed on business letterhead.

Get your remuneration package, perks, and everything you agreed on during your interview written down.

Also, if possible, include a provision about COVID-19 and layoffs in your offer letter. The best-case scenario is if the employer can guarantee in writing that they would not lay you off during a crisis.

However, I'm not sure whether it's doable, but what the heck! It won't hurt to inquire.

Finally, the solution to the question, is it worthwhile to leave a secure employment during COVID-19? In my perspective, this is a major NO.

The aforementioned difficulties are more important to me than having obstacles at work. However, you are your own person, and your position may prevent you from continuing in your present safe employment.

So, read the obstacles outlined in this essay, and if you think you can manage them, follow my advice and hope for the best!


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